Claims in letter questioned

John M. Kurilla


I read, with great interest, the letter to the editor by Paul Kudelko. I cannot believe what I read. President Trump is not and was never a politician. He was a concerned American citizen that was worried about the way this country was under Obama for eight years.

Let’s start with high unemployment under Obama. Then go to an outrageous debt by offering free stuff such as cell phones for starters. These phones were never free. The hard-working taxpayers paid for them.

What President Trump did as a civilian was his business. I go by what he has done for this country as president. Who does not have a skeleton or two in their closet among the Democrats in office? If you think that Obama did not strip children from their illegal parents, you are living in La La Land. Obama not only stripped them from their parents but put them in cages that he had built to house them. There are pictures of that from his presidency.

These people that President Trump tweeted about are exactly what he called them. He was not lying. Obama refused to let individuals in his cabinet to give testimony as to their actions, especially that airport meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. There was no way they talked about their grandchildren. The Democrats said nothing about that.

Evidently Paul did not hear that there was NO quid pro quo. It was in the Mueller report and backed up by responsible individuals. That was made up by an individual that had no direct knowledge of that phone call as he heard it from a person that heard it from another person between President Trump and Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky. President Zelensky even stated that there was no quid pro quo. The Democrats hate President Trump that much because he won the presidency over Hillary Clinton.

The founding fathers made the Electoral College because of the misappropriation in the population of the states. Check your history as to why.

Obama talked about the economy under him but yet, there was one three-month period that he had a minus 1 percent GDP and other months where it barely hit 1 or 2 percent. President Trump has never come close to that.

Obama blocked the exploration of oil, but under President Trump, we are not only self-dependent but have the capability of selling oil to other countries. That never happened under Obama.

Wages are up, the GDP is up and the stock market has never been better, except for the recent plunge because of the coronavirus, not because of the market. Under Obama, the GDP rate hit a low of minus 1 percent for one three-month period. That never happened under President Trump. We have less unemployment with higher wages.

Maybe Paul Kudelko should have checked his facts before he typed up his letter to the editor