Americans want leaders to defend the rule of law

P. K. Will



I have been as troubled as a previous letter writer (Carl Moses, letter to the editor, March 3-4) regarding threats to the justice system, specifically, Trump’s intimidation – by tweet – of federal judges, courts and jury members in high-profile cases, as occurred in the Roger Stone case.

More than 2,000 U.S. prosecutors had signed a petition to Attorney General William Barr, questioning his undue pressure to lighten the sentence of Trump’s confidant, Stone. Angry, disgusted career prosecutors had walked out or resigned after months of intensive trial work as their way of saying, “We won’t stand by while our rule of law is disintegrating before our eyes.”

I am thankful that there are dedicated government professionals who have the courage and fortitude to be righteous in their principles.

We also had many career officials in the U.S. State Department who, during the November 2019 impeachment hearings, defended the rule of law, regardless of the intimidation, denigration, and termination of jobs imposed on them by the administration. Courageous and noble were they.

Now as the election gets into full swing, the name-calling, investigations into opponents, and conspiracy theories and ads on social media will abound. Well, we are in for a “ride.”

There are so many unacceptable actions by this administration that continually chip away at our norms and standards. “Get used to it” was the reply.

“Defend the rule of law” with decency and trust is the reply Americans want to hear, no matter their political party affiliation.