Common sense gun laws needed

Lisa Boeving-Learned

Jackson Center


In the past year, numerous bills to improve gun safety have been proposed in our PA State Legislature. It’s time we proceed with universal background checks and other good laws.

I’m a retired police officer. This is not about the gun. Laws control the behavior of people. Gun safety is no more about the gun than a speeding ticket or DUI is about the car. It’s the behavior of the people using it.

People in domestic violence situations are five times more likely to suffer injury or death at the hands of an abuser with a firearm in the home. Fifty percent of police deaths come during domestic or mental health incidents.

Background checks on people purchasing guns are only required by licensed firearm dealers. However, about 40 percent of firearm purchases are by people at gun shows, online or private transactions which legally circumvent background checks.

Since Parkland, the U.S. has suffered 566 more mass shootings. More than 800,000 others have been shot or killed by people who should not have guns. Background checks, red flag laws and increased mental health evaluations are common sense solutions to address people that should not have access to firearms.

I ask our state house and senate representatives: When is enough, enough? Are you waiting until a tragedy occurs in our community before you act?

I urge Senator Michele Brooks, Rep. Mark Longietti, and Rep.Tedd Nesbit to support or co-sponsor common sense legislation to reduce gun violence.


Stricter gun laws, some bans needed

Bud McKelvey



Here we go again. Thirty-one and counting innocent people murdered by the scum who crawled out from under their rocks and destroyed not only their victims but their families also. The lowlife who killed twenty-two in Texas had hit lists made up to murder people and rape women. This was known by a few people who just shrugged it off. These killings are happening way to frequently and there will be a whole lot more because we have a president and Republicans who bow down to the NRA.

The Second Amendment was added to the Constitution because of what the British did during the Revolutionary War. They ruled the Colonies with an iron fist and our new constitution wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen again. Little did the framers know that in the future there would be guns that fire 300 and more rounds per minute. The right to keep and bear arms then and now are totally different. Then the people had one, maybe two, muskets. Now someone can own military-style rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, semi-automatic pistols and shotguns plus a bazooka.

With no national background checks and no ban on assault rifles, people are going to be afraid to go on vacation, take their children to an amusement park or shop at Walmart and other big stores. No matter what the people say about ending the violence, they will be shut down by the NRA, the President and the Republicans. They just don’t get it. Remember Sandy Hook? That’s when the President and the Republicans should have done something to help prevent the scum of the earth murderers from killing the innocent men, women and children. This last incident should be the one where something is done but don’t bet your house on it.

May God be with the victims and their families. 



Animal shelter is shining beacon of community

Jack Shreve

West Middlesex


Because I read frequently that strong opposition to animal abuse is one of the very few issues that Democrats and Republicans agree on, it comes to me as a complete surprise that in Mercer County the idea of a modern animal shelter is contentious, even in the least.

A concerned community looks out for the things it cares about. Pets bring us companionship and comfort, so when pets are homeless or rejected or abused, it is incumbent upon their human enablers to make provisions for them. For our convenience, we have taken them from the wild and “domesticated” them, so when we no longer need them, the only honorable thing is to provide for them, since they can no longer do it for themselves.

And what a proud message a new and exemplary animal shelter sends to all observers – residents and visitors alike. Like a brand new supermarket or a college campus, an eye-catching modern facility for unfortunate pets shines brightly among the attributes of a self-respecting community such as ours.

But most important, such a modern animal shelter needs to be created sooner rather than later simply because it is the right thing to do.

Insights into the minds of Democrats

John M. Kurilla


Here are a few Democratic facts.

Barbara Streisand stated democracy is “being assaulted” and bashed women who voted for President Trump, saying “they don’t believe enough for their own thoughts” to vote against their husbands.

Opinions expressed by celebrities may not necessarily reflect those of the wider, more sensible, down-to-earth population who lead “real lives.”

In two years under President Trump, no new wars have been started, we have the lowest unemployment rate, more jobs have been created, taxes have been cut, gas prices are lower and the media keeps saying he is awful. The Democrats are not really after President Trump; they are after the average citizen of this country and their money.

Congress worked only 126 days last year. That means they did not work almost two thirds of the time. Why are we paying them like thy are doing four full-time jobs, giving them fully paid health care, vacations, pensions and many other perks? Why?

Nancy Pelosi wants to give $54 billion to foreign countries but zero dollars to America for border security. She is also the poster child for term-limits. She also stated, “just because someone is here illegally, doesn’t mean they broke any of our laws.”

When President Trump cancelled the European trip for Pelosi last year, he should have waited and then cancelled the return flight.

Schumer and Pelosi helped Obama hand Iran $150 billion cash to an enemy of the U.S. but refused $5 billion for a border wall? 

A wall doesn’t mean “keep out.” It means to please use the door (legally).

Here is another Democratic way of thinking: Five billion dollars for a war is a waste of money, but spending $155 billion a year just to support immigrants here illegally is a human right? It we started to deport liberals, Mexico would build a wall.

In 2009, Chuck Schumer state “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. Until the American people are convinced that we will stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress on dealing with the millions of illegals who are here now.”

In 1996, Bill Clinton passed a law that separates kids from parents who enter the U.S. illegally. Obama enforced the law for two terms that Clinton passed. Isn’t it hilarious that democrats are demonizing Trump for enforcing their law?