The joy of giving a furry friend a new home

Molly Stitt

New Wilmington

Recently something has brought me a lot of joy around the holidays and I wanted to share. A friend of mine moved into the lot across the street from my mom and rescued a senior pit bull.

Club Pet Adoption originally saved Jax from the Trumbull County pound two years ago. Club Pet was not sure he would make it through another cold winter after the two years he had been waiting for a forever home.

Beth Anne Kudelko adopted him this Thanksgiving, and he is enjoying his heated bed and new loving home oh so well.

He wobbles when he walks, his sight might not be perfect anymore, and his fur is turning grey. For Jax, this will be his first holiday with family in a long time. There is something powerful about bringing in another being and making both lives a little bit brighter. I have some awesome photos of him enjoying his new space.

Please this holiday: Remember to adopt, don’t shop.

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