‘Birthing people’ devalues motherhood

An open letter to President Biden:

Recently, a member of your administration identified a collective group of American women as, “birthing people.” I shall not speak for every woman in that group but I speak in my own defense.

I am the proud and loving mother of three sons. For 26 years of my life, I dried their tears, saw them through illness and injuries, shared in their triumphs, and guided them through their failures. For a quarter of a century I helped shape their values and spent more than one sleepless nights fearing for their youthful endeavors.

Do you hear me, Mr. Biden? I am not a “birthing person.” The process of giving birth lasts for a few minutes or hours; the honor of being a mother is forever.

I am not the human element in some petri dish experiment. I am a mother. I m not the humanoid in a demonstration of a baby-making production line. I am a mother; please address me as such!

I am powerless to change your position on this matter or, in all probability, even get this missive past your staff members for your attention. I have no influence or input, but the last time I looked this is still the United States of America: I have the right of free speech – and speak I shall!

Copies of this letter will be sent to every media outlet I can think of, including Fox News.

Audrey Pollock

Grove City

Population growth mankind’s biggest threat

COVID-19 is a problem, not meant to be dismissed. We have recently lost 4 million souls globally, and a little more than 600,000 in the United States.

The coronavirus took off globally in March 2020. That’s 15 months ago, or essentially 450 days.

The net global increase in population is 230,000 every 24 hours.

Hence, during the time the virus was most active, 103.5 million people were added to the global population. We have generated 103.5 million and lost 4 million to the virus – a ratio of slightly better than 25 to 1. For every unfortunate death as a result of the virus, we have generated 25 new people.

Consider this in terms of water and food scarcity, the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, climate change, and depleting rain forests, which are the lungs of the planet. Then consider pollution, the copious amounts of plastic in the oceans, overfishing of the oceans, and geopolitical conflict.

Population is the common denominator of these problems; its growth only exacerbates them.

The virus will eventually dissipate, but population growth will not.

It’s a big, big problem – mankind’s biggest!

Paul Jordan

Slippery Rock

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