Safety guidelines appeared to be missing at prom

Carole Sloan


I know that all of us make decisions based on our knowledge and personal experiences. Given my age, 77, my experiences (what I can remember of them) include two polio epidemics, plus numerous outbreaks of measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

My experience with polio and tuberculosis was up close and personal. My mother and sister contracted polio in two separate epidemics and my great uncle and a close friend contacted tuberculosis. Obviously this took place before adequate vaccines/treatments were available to control these diseases. And, of course, I contracted measles, mumps and chicken pox as a child.

So it is understandable that the young people saw no risks involved in attending the Sharon Prom Night. They certainly avoided my experiences with communicable diseases and they have only 17 to 18 years of knowledge available to them.

However, I certainly do expect the parents and sponsors of the event who proudly had their names in an ad in the newspaper to demonstrate better judgment and knowledge. Did you ignore the CDC guidelines to purposely encourage the spread of COVID-19? Did you take the temperature of all those attending? Did you require COVID-19 tests for all those who attended? Obviously from the picture in the newspaper, social distancing was not required.

I do hope all the attendees are self-isolating for two weeks and not putting their grandparents at risk. It will certainly be a horrible burden to bear should your grandparent die as a result of Sharon Prom Night.