Just wear the mask

Paula Kudelko

New Wilmington

I’m writing this letter to address the ridiculousness and stubbornness of those who refuse to wear a mask during the COVID-19 epidemic.

I understand that when it started, masks were not recommended, but since then we’ve learned so much more about the virus. Now medical specialists and scientists know more about how it spreads and recommend the wearing of face coverings. It is now known that covering your face and nose offers some protection from inhaling droplets from those that have the infection, but it also prevents those who knowingly or unknowingly have the virus from passing it to others.

Why are people protesting against this simple act? Why aren’t they protesting about wearing seat belts? And restaurants deny entrance to those not wearing shoes and shirts. What about boaters who are required to wear life jackets? Wearing a mask is a lot less restrictive, and in most cases, is needed for only short periods of time. Imagine the poor health care workers who wear them for eight- to twelve-hour shifts.

I’ve also read studies that show if everyone were to wear a face covering for just a few weeks, we could get this epidemic under control and begin opening our schools and businesses sooner. Just a few weeks!

When did we Americans become so callous, selfish and self-absorbed? Is it because we’ve lived with freedom for so long that we’ve developed a sense of entitlement?

Let’s all pull together for the sake of all Americans and ear a mask.

Protests infringed on rights others

Joseph P. Hilko


My wife and I experienced the recent protest regarding George Floyd’s death that passed through Sharpsville. What we found coming from our home across the bridge was a detour up High Street, which we took and ended up on Main Street, so we went toward Walnut Street and got to the intersection and decided since we could make a left turn to go to the DQ before going to Hermitage.

We came to the DQ and found all the employees standing outside and they told us they had to close down because of the protest. A business had to close, and I don’t know how many people lost work and pay because of the protest. There may have been other business places and people affected the same way.

We wanted to get to Hermitage and went up Walnut or whatever the street is that meets South Buhl Farm Drive and found the road blocked by protesters, so we took an alternate route, and doing so we met two different sets of police cars at intersections heading out of town.

We went to Hermitage and took care of our business and returned to Sharpsville on Ridge Avenue, finding police cars at every intersection. My question is, “Who paid for all of the police?” I have never seen so many around this area.

People have a right to protest; however, when they infringe on others’ rights it becomes questionable how to handle this.

My suggestion would be to have all the cities and towns pass an ordinance to require permits to have a march or whatever, naming all organizers and require the posting of a bond that would pay for any extra costs that municipality would incur, as well as covering any damages that may occur as a result of the function.