Border crisis is not Trump’s fault

John M. Kurilla


I am sick and tired of those Democrats that complain about the conditions at the southern border. In my opinion, a lot of these complaints are manufactured complaints by the Democrats to make President Trump look bad.

I feel bad about the father and daughter found drowned in the river. It was very sad. President Trump did not create this crisis. The Democrats did create it by ignoring for months on end the illegal border crossings. Will that scene make the Democrats take the action necessary to stop these kinds of disasters? No they won’t. They want these illegals in this country so they can give them the right to vote immediately. The Democrats want to give them food, shelter and a job. 

Have Pelosi, Schumer and other Democrats even watched television to see American homeless sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and other American cities because they have no job and no place to live? They are even camped out just blocks away from Pelosi’s walled-in mansion in San Francisco, living on sidewalks, etc., anywhere they can pitch a make-shift tent to survive. And these same Democrats complain about the conditions at the souther border? Hypocrites!

The recent visit to the border by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a joke. If she saw the conditions were so bad, why won’t she and fellow Democrats pass legislation to provide more money for these illegal immigrants? Why did other visitors to the same area after her not see the conditions she talked about? They did not exist.

The border patrol agents and others have a very hard job to do with hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants flowing across our southern border weekly. There are illegals coming from Africa, the Far East and other countries in addition to the countries south of Mexico through the southern border because they were told they can just walk across our southern border with immunity.

The Democrats in Congress can fix this disaster but they refuse. They blame it all on President Trump. He has done more for this country in two and half years than the previous administration did in eight years.