Community comes together to feed children

Rev. Dr. Glenn Hink



As the school year came to a close, the coronavirus significantly disrupted our community and our schools. And during this disruption, many children in our Sharon Elementary Schools remained in food insecure situations. In fact, due to the rise in unemployment, the situations for some children even became more unstable. And while the Sharon Schools Backpack Program does not solve all the problems, it does make a difference in many children’s lives.

On behalf of the Sharon Schools Backpack Program, I would like to express appreciation to all the people who have helped make a difference in children’s lives during the 2019-2020 school year. Thanks to all the people, businesses, clubs, foundations and churches who have donated. Each year, we need to raise $65,000, and every donation matters. Thanks also to all the volunteers who came down to the Community Food Warehouse to pack on Tuesday evenings. Each Tuesday, 350 bags were packed for children in our elementary schools. And thanks to the Community Food Warehouse and the teachers and administrators in Sharon Schools. Our backpack program is a wonderful example of our community working together.

As we enter into an uncertain summer, we do not know how or when the next school year will start in the fall due to the coronavirus. But hungry children will continue to be in our neighborhoods, so we will continue to have the Sharon Schools Backpack Program. In late summer, we will once again work to raise the $65,000 it takes each year. And we will once again be looking for volunteers to help pack the food. With all the uncertainty around us, we are confident that our community will once again step up and help feed our children. For more information, please contact me (724-981-2211, ext. 2, or pastor@1stpsc.org) or the Community Food Warehouse.

Rev. Dr. Glenn Hink is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Sharon and serves on the board for the Sharon Schools Backpack Program.