Thank you, first responders

Jerel Humphrey and Thomas Perry NRP 

EMS Week is a time to celebrate and show our appreciation to our valued first responders who are among the ranks of our frontline heroes. For the past several months, our health care system has been forced to deal with many challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have endured many obstacles and operational changes including those that have directly impacted our EMS providers. Yet, they have continued to push forward and turn the wheel as an essential service to our community.

​The nearly 1,000 employees and medical staff at Sharon Regional Medical Center see you. We see you putting in the long hours, the sleepless nights and time away from your own families. We see your professionalism, bravery and courage during this critical time of need. Your dedication to the community does not go unnoticed.

​Time and time again you provide exceptional care and compassion to your patients. We recognize that some of those calls are difficult. Many days, before you can even catch your breath, the tones are ringing – someone else needs your hand and your expertise. Without hesitation, the lights go on and sirens blast their way through traffic.

​Please join us this week to recognize the many bold and brave first responders who continually give their very best to care for our communities, our neighbors, and our families.

​From all of us at Sharon Regional Medical Center and Steward Healthcare, we “Thank You” for your service.

JEREL HUMPHREY is interim president of Sharon Regional Medical Center. THOMAS PERRY is FF1 Director of Emergency, EMS, Trauma and Security Services at Sharon Regional Medical Center.