Community should back veteran-owned restaurant

Wayne Stratos


I want to, personally, thank Bill Weaver. He owned the Hermitage Golden Corral. It is not owned by Golden Corral. He put his own money into it. Right now he is losing as much per month as most make in a year because of COVID-19.

It is questionable whether he can remain in business much longer. We may lose another member of our business community. Making matters worse, this one is veteran-owned.

For many years, he has sponsored the Veterans Appreciation Day. All of our veterans would be eligible for a free meal. Plus, veterans are also eligible for a 10 percent discount the rest of the year. Bill is a veteran himself and is happy to do this for all veterans.

We veterans can keep the Golden Corral by utilizing the business. You can still come in to eat. Provisions are made to provide a safe environment to do so. Or you could call for pick-up. My point is, he has stood by the veterans of our area. Maybe now we need to stand by him and his business.

I have noticed that people utilize a close business to his and don’t seem to worry about close quarters, as long as the mask is on. I feel veterans should always help veterans when able. This is just one of the ways. We do not want another empty building and lost jobs.

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