Doss has integrity, compassion for city

Rosalyn Wright


I am writing in reference to the editorial letter that appeared in the paper several weeks ago entitled “Losses of Ceci, McKeithan pose challenges for Farrell.”

I kind of sat back and waited for the other shoe to fall, but it didn’t. That being said, there are always two sides to a story. 

I actually was surprised at the depiction of Ms. Kim Doss. 

First, let me say I am not a political person who really does not have the stomach for politics. But I do use my right and vote every given opportunity. We as a society have become somewhat like the leader of our country. We care only about our views and say such damaging things about one another no matter how it presents itself.

So I want to give another view of Ms. Doss, as I know her.

Ms. Doss has been a constant at local events to show her love of her community. She attends most football and basketball and even volleyball games to support the children in our community. I enjoy watching her get the crowd involved by a chant that spells out “Farrell” with pride. I’ve watched her provide transportation for youths who couldn’t afford to get to the away games, while also providing food for the trip. I have watched her stand on her feet for several hours to work at benefits to raise money for many causes.

Kim has served on city council for several years, and yes, I’m sure she has ruffled some feathers while she served. Who hasn’t? One thing I admire about her is you never have to guess what she stands for on any issue or what she is thinking. She speaks her mind.

In closing, I encourage everyone to vote, and let’s be mindful that not too long ago, as African Americans, we did not have the right to vote. 

The people spoke in the primary. In my opinion, she has been committed to the city, serving on the city council. While there are many views of Ms. Doss, I find her to have integrity and compassion for our city.

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