Honor veterans, who gave you your freedoms

Evelyn Witzigman


After reading all the names of veterans honored on Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day) in The Herald, I had a lump in my throat. It was the most names that I can remember ever reading. And how many veterans gave their lives for our freedoms.

There were a lot of businesses that honored veterans by giving them free meals. Thank you.

There are so few left that served in World War II. God bless them and the other veterans who have served our country.

If it weren’t for our World War II veterans, we could be speaking German or Japanese.

Dorcas ladies a blessing to their church

Joseph P. Hilko


Recently Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on Morefield Road in Hermitage lost a longtime member and the ladies of Dorcas Society lost a dear friend and member, 93 years of age, who still worked in the kitchen as well as doing various other things for the church, up until her recent illness and death. 

The Dorcas has many women that are dedicated to serving the Lord and the church in any way they can. And they do, with never a complaint and always a beautiful smile on their faces while working very hard, be it a funeral dinner like they prepared as a send-off for their dear friend or doing things on election days to earn money, that they ultimately give to the church to fulfill whatever needs it may have.

God has blessed some of these ladies with long lives and a giving heart and younger ones with the desire to do for the church and serve God. May God continue to bless them. 

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