Democrats should fear flaws of socialism

Frank M. Pleso


Ignorance about socialism is exactly what some Liberals are pushing regarding the future of our country. One needs only to look at what has happened in Venezuela in the last twenty years since Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro rode a wave of anti-business sentiment. They wasted no time remaking the Venezuela economy, dramatically expanding entitlement programs, nationalizing industries and seizing means of production. A country with a stable democracy and free-market economy, with the largest proven oil reserves on earth, has turned into a government on the brink of collapse with the economy in shambles and an 80 percent poverty rate.

This is what socialism brings, an equal sharing of misery. I can maybe understand that youngsters don’t know about the horrors of socialism, but certainly some of the older Democratic contenders for the office of president should realize based on past history what will certainly happen. Yet some of them are promoting socialism rather than our current free-market enterprise system of capitalism. Many potential candidates are also advocating ridiculous changes to our Constitution, such as eliminating the electoral college, expanding the Supreme Court, reducing the voting age to sixteen and allowing illegal immigrants to vote among other things.

We can only hope and pray that saner heads will prevail among our electorate and re-elect President Trump.

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