Don Buchanan




When did the U.S. Constitution quit being the guide for running the U.S. government?

Could it have been when language was distorted and the war in Korea was called a police action? George Orwell predicted that once language failed, democracy would fail. The same thing happened during the Viet Nam War, some presidents wanted to keep Congress out of that war so they did not call it a war.

The real impetus for kicking the Constitution out of our lives came during the Reagan years. He lied to the people and said the government could do nothing right. He told this lie while the foundation of the American lifestyle was based on government working well – everything from registering deeds, police protection, food inspection, highway safety, monetary exchanges and property rights. The lie succeeded and the rage was on to vilify the government and the document that guided it – the U.S. Constitution.

But still the killing of the Constitution was on the sly. You still had congressmen like Sen. Byrd who carried a copy in his breast pocket.

But when Sen. Mitch McConnell said he would not do his Constitutional duty and have a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee by Obama all bets were off. The Constitution was no longer in play. The U.S. government was now run openly by political hacks who had no respect for the Constitution. They showed their disrespect openly and barely a peep was heard from the citizenry.

No wonder we support dictators who murder journalists. Constitutional principles are gone. Money and Party are all that matters. No wonder we have a president who uses taxpayer dollars to run his next campaign and pump up his family businesses. Who cares? His Party comrades in Congress like Lindsey Graham are already stating they won’t do their Constitutional duties in the impeachment process. Graham says he is not even going to read the evidence. And Party politics, not Constitutional politics, makes this acceptable.

The U.S. Constitution served us well for a couple centuries. But the capitalist cronies have crushed it while distracting the populace with petty, political Party nonsense. The only freedom the cronies have left most people is whether they work 50 or 60 hours a week to pay the taxes the rich think only the peons should pay.

Ignoring the Constitution may only be a symptom. The problem may be that the average citizen knows the history of half a dozen NFL quarterbacks, who stars in the latest popular sitcom and the newest product the corporations tell them they must buy; they don’t know who has bought their local Congressman.



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