As the first signs of spring begin to appear I find myself finally able to put words to paper. I have not written since the pandemic began but now I feel invigorated after a very long and cold winter.

We are well into another year and the problems of 2021 continue to ride along with us. There is an endless array of headlines that continue to dominate the front page that cause me to cringe. Shootings, stabbings, COVID pandemic, war, and hate crimes are all around us and it makes me wonder where are we headed?

Our society has become one of hate and violence with no end in sight.

If some of you are like me and blessed to have children and grandchildren we need to be concerned about their futures. Will they be safe at school, at the day care, at the mall, on vacation, or on their jobs? Will they be subjected to the wrath of someone that does not know them and be a victim of their hate? All of these questions are real to all of us.

While I still maintain faith in mankind, all of us need to assess where we stand. I know we are told there is a separation between church and state but maybe it’s time for a change. I believe the separation has led to our lawless society and our current plight.

The late Rodney King uttered the famous statement: “Can’t we all just get along”, and it is still relevant today. I believe we all can get along but we need some added help.

I believe it is time for all of us to keep our heads to the sky and pray that God will help us in our quest to become better people and a better society. You can agree or disagree with me but let me ask this question. If there is supposed to be separation between church and state why is, “In God we trust on our currency?”

MICHAEL WRIGHT, of Farrell, is the retired executive director of the Shenango Valley Urban League and was the first executive director of the Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County.

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