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Protesters carry signs and listen to speakers as they demonstrate near a federal court, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in Richmond, Va. A draft opinion suggests the U.S. Supreme Court could be poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationwide, according to a Politico report released Monday. Whatever the outcome, the Politico report represents an extremely rare breach of the court’s secretive deliberation process, and on a case of surpassing importance. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


Who benefits when Roe is overturned?

It is those who are eager to see a day when fewer women will be able to vote due to dying because of a botched illegal abortion or getting caught in the process and becoming a felon.

It is those who are perfectly content with the fact that the already high maternal mortality rates in this country are even higher among minority women.

It is those who don’t mind that the leading cause of death among pregnant women is murder.

It is those whose egos are so fragile they cannot stand the thought of an unmarried woman experiencing heterosexual pleasure without procreating and paying for her “sins”.

It is those who cannot wait for women of means to move from more conservative to more progressive states, thus tipping the proportional power of Congress further into the hands of conservatives.

It is those who know that paid family leave and universal healthcare would do far more to prevent abortions than simple bans but whose constituents would never reelect them if they acknowledged this.

It is those who find it politically expedient to sacrifice at the altar of the unborn all the people their religion explicitly says to help.

It is those who are secretly excited that after the Supreme Court rescinds for the first time in American history an established human right, more are likely to wind up on the chopping block.

Who benefits? In short, not minorities, not the poor, and most certainly not women.

James Lepak


Allowing suits against gun makers carries danger

President Joe Biden addressed the nation this month with a speech on gun control. In the speech, Biden correctly stated that the Second Amendment is not absolute. However, disagreement can be found in his appeal for commonsense gun laws.

A commonsense gun law is typically thought of as a measure that strives to restrict morally corrupt and mentally ill people from getting a firearm. These legislative solutions include enforcing ‘red flag’ laws and strengthening background checks, as stated in Biden’s speech. For the most part, such measures are uncontroversial.

Nevertheless, the President lumped repealing gun manufacturer immunity that “protects them from liability” into his list of commonsense gun laws. This enables families of victims of firearm violence to sue a firearms maker for damages suffered.

Ultimately, this could become a measure to bankrupt firearm manufacturers. This is not common sense. Such legislation is a deliberate plan to reduce the sale of firearms in the nation cleverly hidden in a rhetorical smoke screen.

Consider a scenario in which a terrorist was to drive over pedestrians in a pickup truck. Would it be common sense for the victims’ families to then sue the auto manufacturer owing to the way the terrorist used the truck?

It simply is not appropriate to hold a product manufacturer accountable for the deliberate misuse of their product. When deliberating about ‘commonsense’ gun laws, we must be careful to examine every proposal that is being shielded by the term.

Aaron Stephenson


The deceitfulness of U.S. Rep. Scott Perry

According to the U.S. House Jan. 6 Committee, former President Donald Trump planned to remain in The White House, despite losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, with help from the Department of Justice.

The plan was to have the acting attorney general notify various states of potential “voting irregularities” (a false claim), and urge those states to rescind their certifications of Biden’s victory.

Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen and other high-ranking DOJ officials flatly refused to participate in such illegal activities, so the coup-plotters attempted to have Rosen replaced by Trump supporter Jeffrey Clark, an obscure lawyer working in the Environment and Natural Resources Division at DOJ.

Testimonial evidence shows that U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-10, Pa., was one of the coup-plotters pushing the effort to promote Clark.

Fortunately the scheme to promote Clark was not successful, but the very attempt to do so was based on a complete fabrication and a claim they knew to be false. Representative Perry revealed his guilt by later seeking a pardon from Trump before he left office, according to testimony presented to the Jan. 6 Committee.

It should be noted that Perry has denied this allegation. Such shady behavior has no place in the U.S. House of Representatives. He should be voted out of office in the upcoming November elections.

Suzanne Colvin

Coolspring Township

Wake up and hold officials accountable

Wake up voters.

Let’s start voting for people who represent us and not the rich and powerful.

Where is the morality of our politicians?

No real legislation has been passed since Obamacare.

It’s too bad some politicians will say or do anything to get re-elected.

Jim Flickinger


Buhl Club instructors do more than lead exercises

Just a little thank you note to Krista Redick, the main water aerobics instructor at the F.H. Buhl Club. But she is much more than an instructor.

What kind of music does the older generation like? “Oldies but goodies.” And she aims to please. We sing all the songs we know (when we can). The hour flies by. She keeps right up with what she wants out of us.

Everyone has their own pace. Some have shoulder problems so they use the smaller pool noodles that are cut to hand size. Others use foam dumbbells, lighter blue and white and heavier black and pink. Everybody does their own pace and she encourages that. There are different paces. Then there are diehards that like a good hard workout — fun, fun, fun.

I cannot thank this young lady enough. There are not enough words for the energy and enthusiasm she puts out each and every day. And she always ends with, “You are stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually today than you were yesterday” — and she makes you believe it!

There are all ages, shapes, and sizes in that pool and we all have the best of times.

I give Krista all the credit for keeping my strength up, but there are no bad instructors at the Buhl Club.

Thank you.

See you at the pool.

Elaine Schuster


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