Hatred of Trump destroying America

Maybe I was seeing things, but it seemed to me that for four years there was a steady flood of letters with the same theme. “I hate Trump.” “Trump is a traitor.” “Trump is ruining the country.” “Trump is doing this wrong.” “Trump is doing that wrong.” “We liberals hate Trump!” “Anybody but Trump!”

Then along comes Joe Biden. Well folks, you got your “anybody but Trump.” How’s that working out for you? Where are all the letters praising Joe for the wonderful job he’s doing? Let me see if I can help.

Let’s start with the border. Joe is doing, well, hmmm. Record high illegal crossings, sex trafficking, drugs, and illegal weapons, etc. Under President Trump, the border was secure. Where do I go from here?

I know! Let’s talk about energy. Gasoline prices have, well, wow. They have doubled since Joe took office. Joe places the blame wherever he can. COVID, corporate greed, price gouging, Russia, when in fact this is a direct result of his undoing everything President Trump did.

Anything to deflect. The U.S. was energy independent under President Trump with the lowest gas prices I can remember, and we were one of the world’s leading producers of energy. but once again, we are dependent upon current and potential adversaries for most of our energy needs.

Let’s not forget the Easter Bunny helping Joe get away from the press and the handshake with ... air.

I saw a poll the other day that had a majority of Democrats wanting “anybody but Biden” in 2024. We’ve heard that song before, haven’t we? Do any of you remember “anybody but Trump?” Sounds like a lot of folks have more than a little buyer’s remorse. And remember, former President Barack Obama always said, “elections have consequences.”

Fred Wampler

Grove City

Likely court decision an attack on women

It appears that the Supreme Court has determined that the women of the United States will have only limited rights under the Constitution.

The draft of the decision shows Justice Samuel Alito and the Court’s majority is likely to declare that Roe v Wade was a wrong decision. This blatant discrimination by the Supreme Court takes the country back to medieval attitudes concerning women.

There was a time when the members of the Supreme Court were respected for their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and their willingness to fully deliberate the cases before them without political influence.

Now, the Supreme Court majority is comprised of partisan Republicans, some of whom, during their confirmation hearings, indicated they would uphold Roe v Wade. They lied-under oath!

They were selected and promoted by a radical evangelical right, the Republican party, and the Federalist Society, which received large donations from unknown dark-money donors who have every expectation that the justices, regardless of what the nominees said during their confirmation hearings, will make the decisions the donors bought and paid for.

This attack on women is a major effort by the fascist right to destroy the United States, the Constitution and the rule of law.

It is reported that when Ben Franklin, was asked what kind of government we have, he replied that we have a democratic republic, if we can keep it.

This possible decision by the Supreme Court is an indication that keeping our form of government is definitely under assault by the alt-right. When are we going to wake up? About 60 percent of Americans support keeping Roe v Wade in place.

So, where are “We the People”?

Jane McKnight

Grove City

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