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Regulations sideline teaching candidates

There is a very easy way to increase qualified teacher candidates to fill expected teaching vacancies.

The state needs to stop placing ridiculous barriers to teacher graduates of out-of-state colleges. Imagine our disgust and dismay when our honors graduate of the College of Wooster was told she did not qualify for a PA teaching license.

The snafu? She did not have introductory math and English courses on her transcripts. She TESTED OUT of such elementary courses due to her advanced placement scores and courses taken at Hickory High School!

Didn’t matter to the state of PA. Consequently she began a career teaching the under-privileged first at a Youngstown charter school and currently continues that calling in Baltimore.

She has won accolades for her excellence as an art teacher. Pennsylvania’s nonsensical regulations caused a loss that was certainly Ohio and Maryland’s gain.

Karen Shaffer


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