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Lynn Saternow

Here are some thoughts from a guy who has to wonder if tea party followers even know when to come in out of the rain.

Now before you tea partiers take offense, I only point that out after a recent small article in The Herald about an upcoming tea party gathering on Sept. 11. The article pointed out that those in attendance should bring umbrellas in case of rain. Really?

If you need to be told to bring umbrellas if it looks like it might rain, your decision-making ability just might come into question.

Before you know it, you’d be thinking that Glenn Beck is actually a fair-minded, non-bigot who cares about the average American. Pretty soon you’d be watching “Dancing With the Stars” to see Bristol Palin perform. And of course you’d be claiming that Jim Traficant was an honest man and shouldn’t have gone to prison.

So hey, I’m glad the organizers pointed out to bring umbrellas to the tea party in case of rain. I can only hope that if the rain does start, someone will tell you to open them.

• Speaking of Glenn Beck, don’t you think that Beck actually considers himself right up there on the same level as Dr. Martin Luther King as being a leader of people?

Why else would he mimic the actions of Dr. King speaking on the Lincoln Memorial steps on the anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Had A Dream” speech.

Then again, maybe Beck thinks he has a direct line to God when he talks about religion.

If you want to stir up people, involve religion. Or race. Beck’s good at both.

The funny part is that some far-right Christians are angered that others would follow Beck, who is of the Mormon faith. But wasn’t that part of Dr. King’s dream, that people of all faiths and skin color could band together as one for the good of all people.

Obviously, that dream is a long way off from becoming a reality.

I saw a little bit of that Beck gathering in Washington on television, but when I realized that Forrest Gump wasn’t there, I turned the channel.

• As the November elections are rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see how the polls will continue to change as far as backing of Democrats or Republicans.

Let’s face it, the work of both parties in Congress has been pathetic. But whatever the party of the president, it has great effect on voters.

In truth, why would anyone want to be president? It is a thankless job, especially now with all the problems facing the United States.

People put Obama in office because they were disgusted with the work of Republican George W. Bush. Now, even though Obama inherited many of the problems, they hold Democrats responsible. But as the sign on President Harry S Truman’s desk read: “The Buck Stops Here.”

The party in the Oval Office always has to take the blame.

Especially with voters who need to be told to bring an umbrella in case it rains!

The Herald’s Lynn Saternow writes this column each Saturday for the Opinion Page. He can be reached at

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