It’s hard to believe that we are almost ready to turn the calendar on a new year. Where did the last 12 months go?

While I fully realize that life is short, relatively speaking, even if you live to be 100-plus. No matter if we live 10 minutes or 120 years, we are all just an eye-blink on the scope of time and eternity.

But the unfortunate thing is: As we get older, when we want time to slow down, it seems to move faster. The hands on the clock – if you can still find a clock that has hands – seem to spin like a high-speed fan.

So as we move into 2015, what can we do to make sure we enjoy life even more? What kind of New Year’s resolutions will you make and actually keep.

I like to start with easy ones myself.

1. Quit smoking. Since I never have smoked a cigarette in my life, that shouldn’t be too difficult. I feel badly for people who smoke knowing it will cut their lives shorter. Addiction is a terrible thing, especially when secondary smoke also affects people around you.

2. Spoil my grandkids rotten. OK, another easy one since I already do that as much as possible. Some people say grandkids are great because you can enjoy them and then send them home. If it were me, I would keep them and never send them home. But their parents wouldn’t appreciate that.

3. Be a better husband. I know that won’t be easy because I already adhere to the credo of every good husband: “I make all the decisions in my house – as soon as my wife tells me what they are.” And every morning when I get up I tell my wife: “I’m sorry!” That’s because sometime during that day I am going to screw up.

4. Be kinder to Steeler fans. Now we are getting into a tougher area. People always ask me, “Why do you hate the Steelers?” I always answer, “I don’t hate the Steelers – I hate Steelers fans.” Of course, I’m sure they feel the same way about Browns fans. Well, at least they used to when the Browns actually made the playoffs once in a while and we Cleveland fans had something to be obnoxious about.

5. Play more golf. OK, that’s probably not considered a real sacrifice to some people. But everyone should make a resolution that actually is enjoyable to keep, rather than a struggle. But in a way, finding more time to play has been a struggle, so I hope to overcome that difficulty.

6. Be a better person in every way. While I realize that when you are already nearly perfect, that can be tough, I plan to try hard in that area.

Hey, Happy New Year! Hope 2015 brings everything you want. If not, don’t worry; it will fly by quickly.

Wait, is it February already?

LYNN SATERNOW of The Herald writes this column each Saturday for The Opinion Page. He can be reached at Follow him at Twitter @HeraldSaternow.

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Lynn joined The Herald in 1970 and served in multiple capacities, now as sports editor and opinion columnist. The Hickory High grad won various awards for journalism. He has a bachelor's degree in biology from Kent State University.