Where do we go from here? This question has haunted me over the past few years and I have been unable to answer it.

Every day as the sun comes up, I find myself shedding tears about the things that are taking place in our country. There are an endless array of headlines on the newspapers’ front pages and as lead stories on nightly news broadcasts.

Innocent people being victimized for no reason, drugs ruining the lives of people, hate crimes and the worst thing of all children and babies being massacred, and the powers that be continue to fight against anything good that will protect the people in our nation.

This society that we live in has become the land of violence and hate with no end in sight. Our children and our grandchildren are our future but no one can guarantee us that their lives will be protected from this lawless society that we live in?

America has become a war zone for all of us and none of us are safe anymore in the land of the free and home of the brave. We are becoming trapped in our own space because fear has taken hold of our lives and we live in the reality that we are here today and gone today.

So where do we go from here is staring us in the face and all of us must answer the question. You and I deserve to feel safe but it’s more important that our children are safe and they all have the opportunity to grow up and live a full and productive life.

The irony in this situation that we face is we want to ban books and ban history but won’t work to ban the assault rifle that is pillaging all of our communities. Where do we go from here?

I’ll leave you with a suggestion — look up and fall on your knees.

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