Breaking News: Sunbury

SUNBURY — City attorney Joel Wiest is setting up a venue to meet Thursday with former Wood-Mode employees and their families to help answer any legal questions free of charge.

Wiest, of Wiest, Wiest-Benner & Rice, of Sunbury, offered his services free of charge after learning the news Wood-Mode was closing its doors.

“I saw this and I knew I needed to help out in any way I could,” Wiest said Tuesday night. “I want to help these employees and their families by answering any legal questions they may have.”

Wiest said he is not sure exactly could be done but he is offering his services to help employees file paperwork correctly or any other legal issues that arise.

Wiest said he will announce the meeting venue Wednesday. He said he plans to meet with all employees and their families.

“I have been flooded with calls and emails and I want to meet every single person,” he said.

Wiest said he is also creating a social media page for employees to speak with him.

This is a developing story will be updated this evening.