GREENVILLE — Revamp the Amp committee members presented plans for the proposed canopy project at Graul Amphitheater this week at town council’s work session.

Revamp the Amp is an offshoot of Revive Riverside, a group of volunteers working to revitalize the Greenville park. Jim Tokar, Mary Reames, Darrell Nicklin, Barry and Linda Oman, Ron Cooper, Eric Riley and Jerry Brenneman are committee members. 

Greenville town officials began working with the Revamp the Amp group about a year ago, town Manager Jasson Urey said.

Barry Oman presented the proposed canopy drawing to Urey and Lyle Huffman, assistant manager, Wednesday evening. 

Oman said he hopes the canopy will be installed in a “timely fashion.”

“We don’t have anything to turn over to you yet,” he said of the proposed project.

But bids are going out to make parts and to assemble it, he added.  

“It’s a matter of finding somebody that wants to put it together,” Barry Oman said. “Our goal is to have it ready so we can be using the facility this summer.”

The committee’s goal for the amphitheater is to be spacious out front so audience members can see events and performances no matter where they sit, he said.    

Additionally, committee members want to make the canopy “aesthetically pleasing,” he said. 

Urey said it’s important that town officials know what’s going on, but Greenville will ultimately let groups like Revamp the Amp “do their thing.”

“We simply own the facility. Anything down there we approve if it’s something being constructed,” Urey said. “When groups like this step forward and assist, we try to be as helpful as we can.”

In addition to building a wooden canopy, the Revamp the Amp renovation project includes repairing the amphitheater’s stone and masonry seating area and cement pad stage and upgrading the electric and lighting systems.

The project’s total cost is about $100,000, Barry Oman said. 

“So far, we’ve raised $53,000,” he added. 

Revitalization efforts at the amphitheater have not used any municipal funds, Urey said. 

So far, the committee has received three grants for the initial phase of amphitheater revitalization efforts and a $30,000 gift from an anonymous donor,  Tokar said.  

Last year, Mercer County’s Board of Commissioners awarded $10,000 from the Act 13 Unconventional Gas Well Fund for updating the amphitheater.

Under Pennsylvania’s Act 13 regulations, projects like Revamp the Amp’s effort are considered community park expenditures, which are a permissible use of the funds that come from fees charged drillers of unconventional hydraulic fracture drilling gas wells in the Marcellus and Utica shale fields.

In 2019, Revamp the Amp matched the county’s grant with more than $10,000 in services by G.S. Kusich Construction, which donated sandblasting of the Graul Amphitheater’s stone structure.

Anyone interested in donating to the project may give online at Checks may be made payable to Revamp the Amp or Community Foundation with Revamp the Amp in the memo line, 7 W. State St., Suite 301, Sharon, PA 16146.

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