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Bryan Bailey and Charlie Knott defeated Jeff VanOrd and Angel Wilson 454-408 to claim 1st place in the Mercer County 700 Bowling Club Classic/Classified Doubles tournament that was held Nov. 11-12 at Ten Pin Alley in Hermitage. This is the first of three tournaments that will be held by the Club.

The tournament format called for a three-game qualifier with the top qualifiers from each squad in each division advancing to the finals. Squad leaders were automatically placed in the doubles finals.

Classic division squad leaders were as follows: Squad One — Robert Alexander (660). However, Alexander was unavailable for the finals so the position went to Bryan Bailey (620). Squad Two — Corey Pears (670). Squad Three — Jeff VanOrd (678).

Other classic division qualifiers were as follows: Scott Baker (655), Shaun Streeter (652), Chris Morrison (634) and Ben Ferencik (618).

Classified Division squad leaders were: Squad One — Charlie Knott (541). Squad Two — Brenda Scrivens (484). Squad Three — Chrissy Baker (572). Angel Wilson was the wild card entry with 519.

The remaining classic doubles position was determined by a one-game roll-off with the following results: Chris Morrison (211), Shaun Streeter (208), Scott Baker (151) and Ben Ferencik (126).

Both Ferencik and Baker experienced problems during the roll-off. Ferencik opened in the 2nd, split in the 4th and then opened in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th.

The opens in the 2nd and 6th were single pin spares.

Baker split in the 1st and then opened in the 3rd, 8th and 10th. The miss in the 3rd was a single pin.

However, Morrison and Streeter provided some excitement. Morrison opened with a split but came back with four-in-a-row for 115 in the 5th. However, he threw another split in the 6th, a strike in the 7th and opened in the 8th for 152. However, a turkey (strike in the 9th and the first two in the 10th) plus a nine count on his final ball gave him 211.

Streeter appeared to have the match well in hand as he filled the first nine frames. However, the final frame proved disastrous as he threw a 1-2-4-10 washout and failed to convert, giving him 208.

Teams for the first round of doubles were now in place. They were as follows: Bailey/Knott, VanOrd/Wilson, Pears/Scrivens, and Morrison/Chrissy Baker. Competition in the first round consisted of a single game with the top two teams advancing to the finals. Scores were as follows: Bailey (225)/Knott (203) 428, VanOrd (255)/Wilson (164) 401, Pears (194), Scrivens (176) 370, and Morrison (149)/Baker (205) 354.

Bailey-Knott and VanOrd-Wilson then advanced to the final match. Bailey had the first seven and filled all but the 10th when he was the victim of a split and ended with a 243. Knott stayed clean throughout the match (including strikes in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) to end up with 211 for a team total of 454.

VanOrd/Wilson made every attempt to stay close. VanOrd opened in the first, but recovered and filled the remaining frames (to include 5-in-a-row) and finished with 235. Wilson started with a double and was clean until the 6th when she encountered a split. She marked in the 7th, but threw another split in the 8th. She filled the remaining frames to end with 173 and a team total of 408.

High men’s games in the qualifying rounds went to Pears (279), Brian Chec (268), Streeter (263) and Matt Carter (255). Chrissy Baker had the high qualifying game for the women with 235.

The next 700 Club Tournament will be the Bakers doubles scheduled for Jan. 21-22 at Sunset Lanes.

ä The following information was reported by Association Manager Dennis Trojanowski concerning the 2006-07 Mercer County USBC BA: The association sanctioned 54 leagues (both men’s and mixed), and one senior league for 55 total leagues. There are 1,339 USBC BA members.

Award scores are as follows: 800 series — Jeremy Brown (814-803) and Scott Baker (805). 300s — Terry Dudzenski, Denny Durkos, Jeff Polick, Jim Scrivens, Joel Trojanawski and Kyle Wentling. 299s — Baker, Jake Flack, Eric Hagan, Jeff Laskowitz, John McRae and Doug Williams. 298 — Gary McGranahan. Eleven in a row — Bryan Bailey (290), Matt Carter (290), Don Makepeace (290), Brian Uhrin (290), McGranahan (279) and Tom Reed (279).

Gabe D’Angelo is a local bowler who writes this weekly column for The Herald

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