Erme's Distributing was the 2018-19 champion of the PNA League as they shot a 2132 in the 6 team roll-off that was held on April 29 at Thornton Hall Lanes. Team members were Jeanette Tolone, Cathy Smith, Dodie Moss and Dave Kuzniar.

Valley Silk Screening finished 2nd with 2089, while Big Mac’s Driveway Sealing was 3rd with 1968. Fourth place went to AMVETS Post 290 with 1861, while Husnick’s Auto Clinic was 5th with 1772. Sharon VFW Post 1338 grabbed the final spot with 1748.

The 1st game saw Big Mac’s come out of the gate with a 690. Erme’s was 2nd with 663, while AMVETS was 3rd with 660. Fourth place was held by Valley Silk Screening, while Sharon VFW Post 1138 was 5th with 585. Husnick’s was 6th with 579.

Team leaders for Big Mac’s were Victoria Moschillo (151) and Tim McAninch (145). Erme’s was led by Cathy Smith (189). AMVETS was paced by Bill Vasconi (200), while Valley Silk Screening was led by Stacia Pascale (153). Eileen Tolone led Sharon VFW Post 1338 with 135, while Ray Goral led Husnick’s with 160.

A blistering 755 2nd game propelled Erme’s into the lead with 1418. Big Mac’s shot 648 and was 2nd with 1338. A 693 by Valley Silk Screening moved them from 4th to 3rd with 1333, while AMVETS (615) totaled 1275 for 4th place. Post 1338 (579) remained 5th with 1164, while Husnick’s (550) was 6th with 1109.

Outstanding 2nd game performances for Erme’s went to Smith (205), Moss (168) and Kuzniar (187). Moschillo (138) and Linda Lawrence were over average for Big Mac’s, while Brian Clepper and Melissa Vasconi (194) led Valley Silk Screening. Laree Demas (130) was over average for AMVETS.

The 3rd game saw Erme’s continue their outstanding team bowling as they shot 714 for a three game total of 2132 and the championship. Valley Silk found the range with a 756 and moved from 4th to 2nd with 2089. Big Mac’s shot 630 and dropped from 2nd to 3rd with 1968. AMVETS (596) finished with 1861 and took 4th place. A 643 by Husnick’s moved them from 6th to 5th with 1772, while Post 1338 (584) ended 6th with 1748.

Once again, Erme’s was led by Smith (167), Moss (180) and Kuzniar (180). Smith ended up 37 ppg. over her average, while Moss finished 27 ppg. over average. Kuzniar was 9 ppg. over average. Valley Silk was led by Pascale (170), Melissa Vasconi (206), and Deanna Johnson (181). Vasconi ended the event 37 ppg. over average, while Pascale was 20 ppg. over average. Big Mac’s Driveway was led by Joyce Geisel (169) while Chuck Burns (161) led Husnick’s.

Team season highs were as follows. Scratch series: (1) Erme’s (2001), (2) D’Onofrios (1992) and (3) Lock, Stock and Barrell (1957). Handicap series: (1) AMVETS Post 290 (2179), team members were Demass, Joanne Stevens and Bill Vasconi; (2) Warehouse Sales (2161) and (3) Valley Silk Screening (2135).

Scratch game: (1) Joni’s Styling Salon (736), team members were Cass Szugye, Carol Haywood, Jerry Miller and Dolly Szugye; (2) Pizza Joes (724) and (3) Sharpsville VFW Post 6404 (722). Handicap game: (1) Nittany Pub & Grille (790), team members were Darren McAninch and Helene Roberts; (2) High Street Pub & Grille (783) and (3) Clark House (782).

Men’s individual high’s were held by the following. Scratch series: (1) Brian Geisel (700), (2) Walt Dorfi (683) and (3) Ron Haywood (594). Handicap series: (1) George Moss (813), (2) Jeremy Hawthorne (770) and (3) Chuck Burns (729). Scratch game: (1) Bill Vasconi (280), (2) Frank Costello (236) and (3) Kurt Szugye (235). Handicap game: (1) Carl Szuyge (291), (2) Norm Kolbrich (289) and (3) Bruce Dangrow (284).

Women’s high’s went to the following. Scratch series: (1) Deanna Johnson (628), (2 Leonor Davis (596) and (3) Melissa Vasconi (560). Handicap series: (1) Terri Richards (768), (2) Stacia Pascale (744) and (3) Tammy Bonanni (728). Scratch game: (1) Dolly Szugye (248), (2) Cathy Smith (215) and (3-tie) Jeanette Tolone/Becca Lynn Fox (213). Handicap game, (1) Joyce Geisel (298), (2) Dodie Moss (279) and (3) Laree Demas (277).

Brian Geisel led the men in average with 201. Walt Dorfi was 2nd with 175. Carl Szugye was 3rd with 173 and Bill Vasconi was 4th with 170.

The women were led by Dolly Szugye with 175. Deanna Johnson was 2nd with 167. Leonor Davis was 3rd with 165 and Pat Stubbs was 4th with 155.

• The league is looking for new bowlers and 4 person teams. Additional information can be found on the league website at

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