The Region All-Star teams for District 10 have been announced.

In the sports of football, boys and girls soccer, girls tennis and girls volleyball, the All-Stars were determined by the voting of coaches. In boys and girls golf, regular-season averages were used to calculate the teams. In cross country, the finish in the regional championships determined the teams.

The teams were compiled by the staff of the Erie Times-News. Following are the all-stars for regions involving Mercer County athletes, along with schools and grade:


(Finish at region meets)

Region 1

First team

Adam Shrawder West Middlesex 10

Barry McLaughlin West Middlesex 12

Matt Lawhead West Middlesex 11

Shane Sigler Sharpsville 11

Mike Ryan West Middlesex 9

Marshall Hartley Commodore Perry 11

Dan Bauer West Middlesex 11

Second team

Kyle Devlin West Middlesex 10

Bill Moder Hickory 12

Colby Howe West Middlesex 9

Drew Lengauer Commodore Perry 11

David Schuster Sharpsville 9

Justin Weaver Sharpsville 10

Adam Stubert Greenville 12

Region 2

First team

Zac Ross Meadville 12

Andrew Geist Meadville 11

Alex Desko Franklin 12

Nate King Slippery Rock 11

Ian McCray Titusville 12

Francis Connelly Oil City 12

Tom Bollinger Grove City 10

Second team

Cameron Atha Titusville 10

Nick Perrine Franklin 12

Adam Stillwaggon Grove City 12

Josh Frantz Meadville 10

Owen Bowser Slippery Rock 10

Dan Hartzell Slippery Rock 11

Corey Henderson Titusville 10

Region 3

First team

Ryan Haylett Cochranton 10

Matt Mumford Maplewood 12

Charlie Bracken Maplewood 12

Jason Lobdell Maplewood 12

Noah Palicia Lakeview 12

Robert Cierniakoski Maplewood 11

Mike Adams Cochranton 9

Second team

Garrett Gleeson Maplewood 11

Eric McQuiston Cochranton 12

Cass Custard Conneaut Lake 10

Tyler Davis Lakeview 12

Bryan Montozzi Lakeview 12

Ethan Adams Jamestown 11

Jonathon Troyer Maplewood 10



(Determined by finish at region meets)

Region 1

First team

Kelli Weatherby West Middlesex 10

Lauren Shingledecker W. Middlesex 9

Michelle Miller Sharon 11

Jamie Miller Sharon 9

Christina Woods Hickory 12

Katie Cianci Kennedy Catholic 11

Jessica McSherry Sharon 11

Second team

Danielle Cerroni Sharon 11

Emily Montone Sharpsville 11

Jenna Rimko Reynolds 10

Allison Pfaff Greenville 9

Morgan Swartz West Middlesex 10

Hannah Gaines West Middlesex 10

Juliet Sikora Sharpsville 10

Region 2

First team

Stacie Stevenson Titusville 12

Elesia Wilson Meadville 9

Brittany Lyons Slippery Rock 12

Andrea Shaffer Slippery Rock 10

Helen Phipps Grove City 12

Megan DeGraaf Grove City 10

DeAnn Pertz Titusville 11

Second team

Laura Koller Titusville 12

Maggie Rapp Titusville 10

Abbey Schoonover Meadville 10

Caitlin Hancox Meadville 11

Maria Jensen Meadville 9

Allison Plummer Slippery Rock 12

Chelsie Hansel Grove City 10

Region 3

First team

Linda Steiner Saegertown 9

Sarah Davis Lakeview 12

Sara Keas Conneaut Lake 10

Julie Pierret Saegertown 11

Jennifer Krueger Conneaut Lake 11

Carole Bracken Maplewood 12

Lauren Handlow Conneaut Lake 12

Second team

Michele Kozubal Saegertown 9

Penny Bradley Lakeview 10

Eden Slater Lakeview 11

Karen Hovis Cochranton 10

Erin Erdley Cochranton 9

Amanda Beary Cambridge Springs 9

Tabitha Gallagher Maplewood 10



(Vote of region coaches)

Region 1

First team


Jamal Pendleton Farrell 12 TE

Karl Swanson Mercer 12 WR

Lucas Allen W. Middlesex 12 WR

Kolten Hoffman W. Middlesex 12 QB

Lee Plotts Kennedy Cath. 12 RB

Scot Shilling Lakeview 12 RB

Josh Brown W. Middlesex 12 APB

Tyler Gilmore W. Middlesex 12 OL

Mike Kudelko Sharpsville 12 OL

Robert Ryhal Kennedy Cath 12 OL

Travis Wojtalik W. Middlesex 11 OL

Jared Grandy Sharpsville 12 OL


Tyler Gilmore W. Middlesex 12 DL

Robert Ryhal Kennedy Cath 12 DL

Pete Polesnak Kennedy Cath 12 DL

Mike Kudelko Sharpsville 12 DL

Steve Andrusky W. Middlesex 12 LB

Ross Gargano Kennedy Cath 12 LB

Justin Angermeier Mercer 11 LB

Treven Stoops Lakeview 12 LB

Jarryd Summers Sharpsville 12 DB

Scot Shilling Lakeview 12 DB

Kolten Hoffman W. Middlesex 12 DB

Lucas Allen W. Middlesex 12 DB


Jarryd Summers Sharpsville 12 K-P

Second team


Dallas Hartman Kennedy Cath 10 TE

Torlando Hopson Farrell 12 WR

Jon Switzer Lakeview 12 WR

Jarryd Summers Sharpsville 12 QB

Mick Sheehan Cochranton 12 RB

Doug Williams Linesville 11 RB

Treven Stoops Lakeview 12 APB

Pete Polesnak Kennedy Cath 12 OL

Andy Holsopple Sharpsville 12 OL

Gerry Hutchison Conn. Lake 12 OL

Jason Lane Kennedy Cath 12 OL

Phillip Cattucco Sharpsville 11 OL


Lucas Thomas Lakeview 11 DL

Jared Grandy Sharpsville 12 DL

Justin Moose Mercer 12 DL

Travis Wojtalik W. Middlesex 11 DL

Josh Brown W. Middlesex 12 LB

Joe Joseph Sharpsville 12 LB

Tim Siege Sharpsville 12 LB

Jon Smith Conneaut Lake 12 LB

Wade Savage Kennedy Cath 12 DB

Karl Swanson Mercer 12 DB

Torlando Hopson Farrell 12 DB

Lee Shimshock Kennedy Cath 11 DB


Josh Brown W. Middlesex 12 K

Treven Stoops Lakeview 12 P

John Metzgar W. Middlesex 12 P

Region 3

First team


Nate Reynolds Wilmington 12 TE

Jeremy Beatty Wilmington 12 WR

Shaun Ferguson Greenville 11 WR

Cody Cipalla Northwestern 12 QB

Chris Burns Wilmington 11 RB

Chris Clark Grove City 11 RB

Rashad Campbell Hickory 12 RB

Dwayne Martin Grove City 10 APB

Josh Woods Grove City 12 OL

Andy Urey Wilmington 12 OL

Tyler Lanciotti Greenville 11 OL

Lou Campbell Wilmington 11 OL

Tom Rohan Wilmington 11 OL


Lou Campbell Wilmington 11 DL

Brandon Palladino Wilm. 11 DL

Josh Woods Grove City 12 DL

Nick Bayer Greenville 12 DL

Tyler Lanciotti Greenville 11 DL

Seth Allison Reynolds 12 LB

Nate Reynolds Wilmington 12 LB

Kellen Harris Sharon 12 LB

Steve Stoyer Greenville 11 LB

David Bruno Wilmington 12 LB

Cody Cipalla Northwestern 12 DB

Phil Reasbeck Greenville 12 DB

Josh Peagler Hickory 12 DB

Nick D’Urso Reynolds 12 DB


Gordon Craig Grove City 12 K

Jake Rossman Greenville 12 P

Second team


Cameron Johnson N’western 12 TE

Drew Bestwick Grove City 12 WR

Justin White Sharon 12 WR

Jake Reiber Wilmington 12 QB

David Bruno Wilmington 12 RB

Chris Fragapane Greenville 11 RB

Ben King Northwestern 12 RB

Phil Reasbeck Greenville 12 APB

Josh Peagler Hickory 12 APB

Lucas Riley Greenville 12 OL

Ricky Manilla Hickory 12 OL

Jeff Parry Sharon 12 OL

Anthony Zampino N’western 11 OL

Robert Moore Northwestern 12 OL


Jon Uhrin Reynolds 12 DL

Forrest Minteer Wilmington 11 DL

Jeff Parry Sharon 12 DL

Rashad Campbell Hickory 12 DL

Devin Motley Sharon 12 LB

Cody Redfoot Grove City 12 LB

Ben King Northwestern 12 LB

Chris Clark Grove City 11 LB

Scott Portefield Hickory 12 LB

Justin Burk Grove City 11 DB

Chris Burns Wilmington 11 DB

Justin White Sharon 12 DB

Jake Reiber Wilmington 12 DB


Nick Riggall Wilmington 11 K

Drew Bestwick Grove City 12 P



(Regular season averages)

Region 1

First team

Mike Klaric Kennedy Catholic 10

Mike Bryan West Middlesex 12

Matt Rossi Kennedy Catholic 12

Ryan Miller West Middlesex 12

Dave Hutchinson Kennedy Catholic 10

Paul Mudrey Hickory 11

Second team

Pat Mastrian Kennedy Catholic 12

Dorn Lombardi Kennedy Catholic 11

Jake Branem Wilmington 11

Nick Tymochko Greenville 11

Dustin Noble Hickory 11

Jim Helmetzi Hickory 11

Region 2

First Team

Jared Schmader Maplewood 12

Cameron Peterson Grove City 12

Zach Nesbit Grove City 12

Ross Pringle Titusville 11

Derek Forese Grove City 11

Darin Hovis Lakeview 11

Second team

Jarrett Engstrom Lakeview 12

Dylan Bertin Lakeview 10

Mike Liesinski Meadville 12

Steve Deyarmin Grove City 10

Matt Pondel Titusville 11

Jeffrey Tracy Slippery Rock 10

Region 4

First team

Chris Schlosser Saegertown 12

Chris Young Cambridge Springs 11

Garrett Kimple Linesville 11

Rich Trypus Saegertown 12

Robbie Trypus Saegertown 10

Alex Ziegler Fairview 12

Second team

Devin Grimaldi Fairview 12

Jake Peiffley Saegertown 12

Corey Tomko Cambridge Springs 10

Jesse Yates General McLane 9

Adam Sinclair Cambridge Springs 11

Steven Brown Jamestown 10



(Regular season averages)

Region 2

First team

Kellie Gustas Hickory 12

Ashley Shilling Meadville 12

Heather Blair Hickory 10

Alyssa Gerhart Meadville 10

Leslie Tomko Hickory 12

Ashley Longstreth Meadville 10



(Voting of region coaches)

Region 1

First team

Justin Gildersleeve Grove City 11 GK

Seth Creasy Mercer 12 OFF

Mike Ramirez Slippery Rock 10 OFF

Nick Marcelli Hickory 12 OFF

Nico Hutchinson Grove City 12 OFF

Joel Lauffer Comm Perry 11 OFF

Dave MacHarg Kennedy Cath 12 OFF

Adam Braymaker Mercer 11 DEF

Gordon Craig Grove City 12 DEF

Craig Bicehouse Slippery Rock 12 DEF

Chris Goclano Kennedy Cath 12 DEF

Matt Durso Slippery Rock 12 DEF

Second team

Abir Chatterjee Slippery Rock 11 GK

Ryan Gercken Slippery Rock 11 OFF

Wes Craig Slippery Rock 11 OFF

Jordan Nichols Grove City 11 OFF

Min-Woo Chung Slippery Rock 12 OFF

Stephen Morimando Mercer 12 OFF

Zach Juergens Mercer 9 OFF

Nick Arnhold Grove City 12 DEF

Chris Chovan Sharpsville 12 DEF

Zach Lenhart Kennedy Cath 12 DEF

Sean Gercken Slippery Rock 12 DEF



(Voting of region coaches)

Region 1

First team

Kara Kendall Wilmington 11 GK

Jence Rhoads Slippery Rock 12 OFF

Morgan Hodgkins Hickory 12 OFF

Katie Ratvasky Wilmington 12 OFF

Kelsey Drennen Slippery Rock 12 OFF

Erika Shrout Titusville 10 OFF

Shanay Phillian Wilmington 11 OFF

Laura Novosel Wilmington 12 DEF

Grace Hall Mercer 12 DEF

Loren Allison Wilmington 11 DEF

Bethany Johnston Slip. Rock 12 DEF

Second team

Brittney Gadd Mercer 11 GK

Rachel Hostetler Wilmington 11 OFF

Britney Miller Slippery Rock 12 OFF

Cara Bull-Trumbold Mercer 12 OFF

Jodie D’Onofrio Kennedy Cath 11 OFF

Amy Ward Hickory 10 OFF

Lara Delp Conn Valley 11 OFF

Terra Huff Slippery Rock 12 DEF

Danielle States Hickory 11 DEF

Carrie Bretz Wilmington 11 DEF

Laura Buchanan Grove City 11 DEF



(Voting of region coaches)

Region 1

First team


Aryn Christman Sharon 12

Sharayah Campbell Wilmington 12

Christine Port Grove City 12


Molly McBryan (12) and Caity Trent (11), Grove City

Molly Whiting (11) and Jessica Wycoff (11), Wilmington

Second team


Arica Christman Sharon 11

Danielle Delligatti Grove City 11

Natalie Hruska Hickory 12


Gabby Welker (12) and Cara Udy (12), Grove City

Julie Norris (11) and Christine Kuester (11), Sharon



(Voting of region coaches)

Region 1

First team

Tieshia Stubbs Farrell 11

Jalysa Hughes Farrell 12

Megan Painter Mercer 12

Mallory Wells Jamestown 12

Sadie Kuritz West Middlesex 12

Kelly Nelson West Middlesex 12

Second team

Lindsay McCartney Comm. Perry 12

Samantha Bates Comm. Perry 11

Chelsea Aubel West Middlesex 12

Lia Hubbard Farrell 12

Samantha Nan Mercer 12

Miranda Negrea West Middlesex 10

Region 5

First team

Ashley Patterson Grove City 12

Alexandra Powell Lakeview 12

Kari Barnes Grove City 12

Kasey Gardner Sharpsville 12

Kellie Marett Wilmington 12

Julie Whiting Wilmington 12

Second team

Sam Baseler Grove City 12

Jessica Speicher Slippery Rock 12

Montana Canady Hickory 12

Krysta Cione Hickory 11

Wilma Phillips Hickory 11

Brittany Totlin Sharpsville 12

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