Fighting for position

Greenville's Madison Fattman and Malaysa Gregory fight for position as they wait for a rebound chance.

Winning cures all that ails you. So whether or not a team plays particularly well or not, winning beats the alternative. Farrell High girls basketball team committed 21 miscues Thursday night – 13 during the second half and 9 during the fourth frame – but the Lady Steelers won their second straight, 45-38, over Greenville.

At E.J. McCluskey Gymnasium, Matyra Evans ended with a game-high 16 points and Jacque Chambers checked in with a 14-point, 10-rebound double-double for Farrell (2-4). Also, Oriana Smith contributed a 5-point, 9-rebound, 5-assist line and Marrissa Hopson handed out a handful of assists. Jarrissa Sharper scored her only 3 points during the decisive final frame, also.

“We’re growin’ as a young team. Every game that we go out and compete is a growing experience for these kids, and playing against teams like Greenville, West Middlesex and Sharpsville to start the year just makes you better,” summarized Lady Steelers’ skipper Eddie Turosky. “They’re growin’, getting more mature and starting to execute.

“I don’t think we did a very good job at the end there securing the game, but that comes with them gettin’ more mature and playing more in those situations,” Turosky added.

Greenville (2-4) had a good opportunity to get a road win, but the Lady Trojans tallied only 15 of 64 floor shots and 6 of 14 free-throw attempts.

Led by Cameron Leary’s 8 caroms, Coach Jennifer Fagley’s Greenville girls battled to a virtual standoff on the boards as Farrell finished with a slight 44-38 edge.

Also, the Lady Trojans turned over the ball only 11 times.

Greenville got as close as a one-possession game late in the 4th frame, but Chambers’ traditional 3-point play afforded Farrell a cushion.

Turosky had only 8 players in uniform and played 7, with Evans eventually fouling out with 36.5 ticks to play. Farrell’s fatigue may have played a part in its balky ballhandling down the stretch.

“They’re absolutely tired!” Turosky affirmed. “I’m askin’ a lot of those five kids who went out there, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on those younger kids to come out there and do things they’re not used to doing. So we’re working on a rotation. Every day the coaches and I talk who we’re gonna sub, who we’re not gonna sub, how we’re gonna sub. So it’s a learning experience for all of us.

“But there’s no doubt we’re progressing,” Turosky added. “We’re executing well offensively (Farrell finished 18 for 40 from the floor); defensively, I need to get more effort out of them. But those are things you can work on in practice, and with conditioning and effort they’ll get better at that, too.”

In addition to Leary, who led with 8 points, Greenville got a 7-point, 6-assist, 3-rebound effort from Becky Fagley, and Jessica Fenton and Madison Fattman finished by splitting 10 caroms. Also Jillian Herrick had 6 points and a couple assists while orchestrating the offense. – By Ed Farrell, Herald assistant sports editor.


• Farrell 59, Obama Academy 56 – At Pittsburgh Wednesday night, the visiting Steelers of skipper Roland Shannonhouse secured the road win over Class AAA Obama Academy.

Malik Miller mustered 15 markers, as did Jamel Brown, while Leon Lewis lent 10 points and Thomas Ripley rifled in 9 for Farrell (5-1).

Obama Academy – a merger of the former Schenley and Peabody high schools – was led by Eric Taylor and Joseph Charlton, with 15 and 10 points, respectively.


Hickory 37, Grove City 36 — At Grove City, the visiting Hornets of Coach Carl Wombacker pulled out the victory winning 5 of the last 6 matches of the night.

Notching pins for Hickory were Justin Walter (120), Stanford Dessaw (126) and Robbie Thomas (182). Picking up falls for Grove City were Luke Walter (138), Dalton Meals (145) and Jared Reppart (220).

Mercer 43, Sharpsville 42 (Criteria H) — Proving again that sometimes it’s more important to have quality than quanity, the 7-man Mustangs team won a second straight match by one point.

This time, it was Mustangs Noah McLaughlin (106) and Zac King (113) scoring falls in the final two bouts of the night to pull out the victory, which was decided on criteria after each team won 7 matches. Other pins for Mercer were scored by Cole Ruffo (120), Ben Shaffer (132), Preston Hoover (138), Rodney Brant (145) and Eric Gawne (152).

For Sharpsville, all the wins were forfeits




Criteria H

120 - Cole Ruffo (M) pinned Lucas Keck, 2:54; 126 - Andy Ryan (S) forfeit; 132 - Ben Shaffer (M) pinned Ryan Whalen, 2:43; 138 - Preston Hoover (M) pinned Brock Salvatore (S), 1:33; 145 - Rodney Brant (M) pinned Michael Mellott, 0:55; 152 - Eric Gawne (M) pinned Cameron Prebble, 4:54; 160 - Miles Bowser (S) forfeit; 170 - Christopher Enos (S) forfeit; 182 - Matt Harenchar (S) forfeit; 195 - Chris Mueller (S) forfeit; 220 - Donny Keck (S) forfeit; 285 - Tristan Stoner (S) forfeit; 106 - Noah McLaughlin (M) pinned Duane Michael, 1:42; 113 - Zac King (M) pinned Peyton Schell, 1:04.



285 - Jared Miley (H) forfeit; 106 - Cory Bable (GC) forfeit; 113 - Zach Smith (GC) forfeit; 120 - Justin Walter (H) pinned Hunter Sevin, 1:20; 126 - Stanford Dessaw (H) pinned Colin Meals, 3:15; 132 - Alex Brochetti (GC) pinned Dylan Fox, 1:24; 138 - Luke Walter (GC) [pinned Nick Sears, 2:31; 145 - Dalton Meals (GC) pinned A.J. Hammond, 2:45; 152 - Nathan Marchand (H) dec. Brayden Large, 8-6; 160 - Noah Bianco (H) maj. dec. Cordell Sanders, 16-2; 170 - John Sims (H) dec. Isaac Hefner, 4-2; 182 - Robbie Thomas (H) pinned Trey Allen, 3:56; 195 - Troy Scurry (H) dec. Andrew Thompson, 6-3; 220 - Jared Reppart (GC) pinned Gino Lenzi, 1:35.



WILMINGTON 12 6 7 10 35

WEST MIDD 12 8 10 17 47

WILMINGTON - McCown 0-0-0-0, L. Fredrick 1-2-2-5, Thompson 4-0-0-8, Hahn 0-1-2-1, Hunt 0-0-0-2; Drake 2-6-8-10, Williams 4-0-0-11. 3-pt. goals: Williams 3, Fredrick 1. Totals 11-9-14-35

WEST MIDDLESEX - Atterholt 2-2-6-6, Richards 0-0-0-0, Alyson Pierce 1-3-6-9-17, Murray 2-0-0-4, Staunch 0-2-2-2, Dogan 0-7-8-7, White 3-0-0-7, Elsey 1-2-4-4. 3-pt. goals: Pierce 3, White 1. Totals: 12-19-29-47.

JV - WM, 36-30. Kristin White 13 for WM; Boyer 11 for Wilmington.


GREENVILLE 13 4 9 12 38

FARRELL 12 10 11 12 45

GREENVILLE —Marini 2-0-0-6, Fagley 3-1-2-7, Leary 3-4-6-10, Herrick 3-0-2-6, Beilstein 1-0-0-2, Fenton 2-1-4-5, Fattman 1-0-0-2, Warren 0-0-0-0. 3-pt. goals: Marini 2. Totals: 15-6-14-38.

FARRELL —Smith 1-3-5-5, Hopson 0-2-2-2, Chambers 6-2-3-14, Sharper 1-1-2-5, Evans 8-0-2-16, Gregory 2-0-0-4, Pierce 0-0-0-0.Totals: 18-9-16-45.

JV —No game.



FARRELL 16 11 16 16 59

OBAMA 10 8 19 19 56

FARRELL —Thomas 0-4-6-4, Brown 3-8-11-15, Holloway 2-0-0-4, Miller 4-4-6-15, Lewis 5-0-3-10, McCoy 0-2-4-2, Seay 0-0-0-0, Ripley 3-3-6-8. 3-pt. goals: Miller 3, Brown 1. Totals: 21-21-36-59.

OBAMA ACADEMY — Taylor-Lane 2-3-6-8, Fields 0-0-3-0, Brown 1-0-3-2, Taylor 7-2-3-17, Charlton 5-5-10-15, Robinson 3-4-4-10, Isaiah 2-0-0-4, Jarrell 0-0-2-0. 3-pt. goals: Taylor-Lane 1, Taylor 1. Totals: 20-14-31-56.

JV — No score reported.

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