Shawn Hoover shot a final game of 300 (his 2nd of the day) and withstood a final game challenge from Will Zachrich (274) to win the April edition of the Reynolds 9-pin-no-tap Tournament that was held April 2. Hoover finished with 1146, while Zachrich finished with 1091.

Zachrich started out with a one-pin lead by scratching 275. However, his 26-pin handicap gave him a first game total of 301. Hoover, who received no handicap started the event with a 300, and was 2nd with that score. Dave Roeder Sr. was 3rd with 278/296, while Dave Lander was 4th with 276/293. Chuck Houser held the 5th spot with 247/282.

The 2nd game proved exciting as there were only three pins separating the top four bowlers. Matt Cooper (who also bowled scratch) shot 300 and moved from 9th into a tie for 1st with Hoover (264) as both bowlers tallied 564. Lander (252) was 3rd with 562, while Zachrich (234) dropped to 4th with 561. Dustin Morris (13th after one) shot 278 and moved into 5th place with 538.

Hoover continued his torrid pace by shooting 282 and after three games had a 16-pin lead over Cooper (266), 846-830. Joe Furmanek Sr., who started 12th (254) and then moved to 8th (502), shot 290 and moved into 3rd with 813. Lander (217) dropped to 4th with 796, while Zachrich (204) was 5th with 791.

The final game saw another 300 from Hoover and he held on to 1st place a final total of 1146. Zachrich shot 274, but it wasn’t enough to catch Hoover and he finished 2nd with 1091. Furmanek shot 237 and remained 3rd with 1071.

Fourth place went to Eric Gibson with 1038. Gibson may have finished higher, but a 182 2nd game was instrumental in his finish. Cooper finished 5th with 1033 and the same could be said for him. A final game of 203 led to his demise.

Other top finishers included: (6) Bill Fraley (1032), (7) Jason Roeder (1001),  (8) John Schoen (990), (9) Lander (986), (10) Morris (978).

Fraley also had a 300 game.

ä Last year, the USBC launched a campaign that focused on changing bowling ball specifications. This was met with criticism from the various bowling ball manufacturers. After some debate, the USBC decided to withdraw their ideas until additional research could be completed.

But, that did not mean the organization would put its testing about the different areas of the System of Bowling on hold. They recently hired a chemist to help with that portion of its operations.

His major duties will be with research that involves bowling balls, pins, lane oils and lane surfaces. He will also study materials such as lane oils and lane cleaners.

The USBC has also opened another series of tests that is designed to measure the scoring impact of bowling pins. USBC has requested bowling pin samples of different weights and centers gravity from pin manufacturers. They are also working with manufacturers to gather input about certain characteristics of bowling pins, such as the base diameter and base radius. 

The intent of this study is to gather information and compare the interaction of the pins with the other three areas of the System of Bowling — bowling balls, lanes conditioners and lane surfaces.

ä For all intents and purposes, the Dexter Tournament of Champions (won by Chris Barnes) marked the end of the 2005-06 PBA Tour.

However, there is a special event (Motel 6 Roll To Riches) that took place on April 13. It will be shown today at 1 p.m. and is a winner-take-all $200,000 prize.

The event will feature the four major event winners from the 2005-06 season: Mike Scroggins, (USBC Masters) Tommy Jones (U.S. Open), Walter Ray Williams Jr., (Denny’s World Championship) and Chris Barnes (Dexter Tournament of Champions). It will also have two bowlers that were chosen by an online vote (Norm Duke and Pete Weber) competing for the prize.

Let’s look at the top five point and money leaders from the 2005-06 tour. Points: (1) Duke (247, 026), (2) Jones (237, 866), (3) Scroggins (225, 085), (4) Williams (221, 223) and (5) Patrick Allen (213, 502).

Money winners were: (1) Jones ($301,700), (2) Duke ($211,800), (3) Scroggins ($205,270), (4) Williams ($183,500), and (5) Barnes ($174,700).

Gabe D’Angelo is a local bowler who writes this weekly column for The Herald


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