Much has been happening and much will be happening in the Mercer County bowling community. Let’s begin by previewing the Mercer County Bowling Association’s 40 Frame Game.

The event will be held at Celebrity Bowl on Saturday at 4 p.m.

This is a handicap event with handicap being 80% of 225. The entry fee is $40 and 1st place is $400 based on 60 entries. The event is open to all adult members of the USBC. 40 Game features include No Tap, Payday, Sour Grapes, Super Sour Grapes, Bonus, Big Kahuna, Mulligan, Bingo Bango Bongo, Big Whammy and others.

In the 40th frame, if you don’t Bingo (1st ball strike), you don’ get a chance to Bango. If you don’t Bango, you don’t get a chance to Bongo. A bowler rolling the last six strikes (frames 37-38-39-and three in the 40th)breaks the Big Whammy at current posted value.

For rules and additional information, please consult the flyer that is available at area bowling establishments. For reservations, please call 724-589-5282.

• Let’s recognize some honor scores that have been shot.

On Oct. 2, while bowling in the 10 Pin Miller Light Classic League at 10 Pin Alley, Scott Killian shot 300/802. On Oct. 22, while participating in the Dan Merkosky Memorial League, Jason Fraley threw his 2nd career USBC/TNA certified 300 game.

On Oct. 14, while bowling in the PNA League at Thornton Hall Lanes, Bill Vasconi bowled his 1st career 300 game. On Oct. 24, while participating in the Dave Van Ord Memorial Tavern League at Thornton Hall Lanes, Jeff Van Ord shot his 5th career certified USBC/TNBA 300 game.

• Thornton Hall’s September Bowler’s of the Month were Cathy Smith of the PNA Mixed League with 255 and Tom Frabotta of the Dave Van Ord Tavern League with 279.

• Thornton Hall as made some changes to their scotch doubles format that should be very attractive to bowlers. 

They have changed the standard 4 game scotch doubles format and gone to a 5 game format with the following games. Games 1 and 2 will continue to be the standard scotch doubles format. Game 3 will be a 3x6x9 format and games 4 and 5 will be a 9 pin no tap format.

There will also be a $100 jackpot for anyone who strikes when the red pin is in the head pin position and the two yellow pins are in the 7 and 10 positions.

Currently, one in three couples cash. Come out and enjoy a Saturday evening of fun. For reservations and additional information, please call 724-981-8528.

• Kevin Clark began the Oct. Reynolds Lanes TOC qualifier in 6th place with 264. However, a 290 2nd game propelled him into the lead and he went on to capture the event with an 1183. John Schell was 2nd with 1113, while Shawn Hoover finished 3rd with 1097. Rounding out the money list was Jeremy Jansco with 1078 and Tim Lindus at 1070. All qualified for the TOC finals.

Ashleigh Evans was the 1st game leader with a 263 scratch game. Her 35 ppg. handicap gave her a 298. Jerrod Palmer was 2nd with 268/288. Charlie Knott was 3rd with 263/277. Mary Ann Summerville held the 4th spot with 244/276. Lindus was 5th with 265/269.

The 2nd game saw Clark shoot 290, and he took the lead with 514/594. Schell (298) jumped from 11th to 2nd with 557. Jansco (261) moved from 8th to 3rd with 556, while Palmer (237) dropped from 2nd to 4th with 545. Jesse Koewacich (300) climbed from 14th to 5th with 543. 

After three games, Clark (244) maintained the lead with 878. Jansco and Schell exchanged places. Jansco (255) moved into 2nd 843 while Schell (266) was 3rd with 824. Jim Anderson (254) moved from 7th to 4th with 818, while Koewacich (264) remained 5th with 807.

In the 4th game, Clark shot 265 and took 1st place with 1183. Schell (288) moved from 3rd to 2nd with 1113. However the biggest move of the event belonged to Hoover.

Bowling scratch, he found himself mirrored in 16th after the 1st game with 231. He shot a 266 2nd game, but dropped to 17th with 497. But, a 300 3rd game pushed him into 7th with 797 and another 300 in the final game gave him the 3rd spot with 1097.

Jansco and Lindus filled the remaining spots. Jansco (203) fell from 2nd to 4th (1078), while Lindus (286) moved from 9th to 5th with 1070.

Handicap jackpots went to Evans (298), Clark (330, 305), and Hoover (300).Scratch jackpots went to Palmer (268), Rearick, Koewacich, and Hoover (2). All shot 300’s. Prize money was as follows: (1st-$160, 2nd-$125, 3rd-$100, 4th-$75, and 5th-$50). The next 9 Pin TOC qualifier will be held on Nov. 10.

GABE D’ANGELO is a member of the Mercer County Bowling Hall of Fame and Professional Bowlers Writers Association who writes this weekly column for The Herald. He can be reached at

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