Troy Hart

Reynolds' Troy Hart crosses the finish line to win the boys varsity race on Saturday at the 21st annual Hickory Hornet Harrier Cross Country Invitational.

HERMITAGE – Saturday’s 21st annual Hickory Hornet Harrier Cross Country Invitational – the traditional season-opener – afforded the area aggregation with a good barometer for what to expect during the 2019 season.

While Wilmington won the girls’ team title, Hickory and West Middlesex’s boys competed with Cochranton for the crown – ultimately copped by Crawford County’s Cochranton (99). However, Hickory (104) and Middlesex (112) made a run at the Redbirds.

Reynolds’ Troy Hart harvested the boys’ individual championship in a time of 16:32, out-kicking Fairview’s twosome of Ethan Weber (16:36) and Zach Buckner (16:37).

Fairview’s Maddison Hayes, with a 19-minute clocking, out-distanced Conneaut Area’s Meara Shannon (19:05), Wilmington’s Grace Mason 19:27), and Sharon’s Gianna Labbiento (19:32) for the individual crown. 

Led by Mason, Wilmington won the girls’ team title (94) over Fairview (112), Lakeview (114) and Mercyhurst Prep (118).

Hayes’ win was no upset. A junior, Hayes has had her share of success for Fairview in both cross country (district and state single-A championships 2 years ago, she said) and track & field. She said she finished 4th at the state single-A cross country championships last autumn.

“ ... Basically just going for a run with a bunch of friends – fast!” related the smiling Hayes. “But it’s definitely really motivational, because you know we really all want it and we’re all willing to work for it. It’s especially fun when we can work together, but, yeah, they definitely pushed me.

“I never underestimate anyone and I never over-estimate myself,” related Hayes. “I go into every race kind’ve like a new experience, I guess.”

Assessed Lady Greyhounds’ leader Mason, “We were hopin’ to come into this race in the top two, ‘cause we got second last year. So we were hoping to do it again – or get first. We wanted to focus on running in packs, and I think it worked out pretty well for a lot of us. A lot of our freshmen contributed, too,” assessed Mason, who later added, “We’re gonna try to go to states as a team this year.”

Though he did not assume the lead at the race’s outset, Hart had enough in the tank to overtake the competition. He said he was logging 40, sometimes “high 50’s” in terms of weekly training mileage this past summer.

“I wanted to save myself and wait for the last bit, then just take off and take the lead from there,” he explained, noting he surged ahead with approximately “a quarter of the race left, and after that I didn’t stop; I just kept driving.

“I’m expecting a really big year this year,” continued Hart, a senior and the defending District 10 Class 1A champion and a 2-time PIAA Championships qualifier (including last fall’s top-20 berth). “I’m looking at getting in the top five, top 10 this year.”

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Hickory Hornet Harrier Invitational



Team standings and key: Wilmington (W) 94; Fairview (F) 112; Lakeview (L) 114; Mercyhurst Prep (MP) 118; Sharon (Sh) 130; Hickory (H) 137; Reynolds (R) 139; Union City (UC) 160; West Middlesex (WM) 207; Sharpsville (Sv) 211; Conneaut Area (CASH) 251; Commodore Perry (CP) 322; Rocky Grove (RG) 391.

Individual results: 1. Maddison Hayes (F) 19:00; 2. Meara Shannon (CASH) 19:05; 3. Grace Mason (W) 19:27; 4. Gianna Labbiento (Sh) 19:32; 5. Halle Myers (F) 20:02; 6. Natalie Ostheimer (Sh) 20:12; 7. Abby Douglas (Sh) 20:17; 8. Hannah Wagner (R) 20:24; 9. Lia Bartholoemew (WM) 20:26; 10. Lauren Mehler (Sv) 20:42; 11. Sarah Sweet (MP) 20:42; 12. Claire Oliver (L) 20:50; 13. Becka Book (W) 20:56; 14. Octavia Kosnik (UC) 20:57; 15. Logan Davis (H) 21:29; 16. Emma Mason (W) 21:40; 17. Aubrey Hogue (L) 21:40; 18. Ashleigh Stephenson (H) 21:46; 19. Abby Mellon (L) 21:55; 20. Taylor Friello (MP) 21:55; 21. Elise Hilton (W) 21:59; 22. Emma Pringle (WM) 21:59; 23. Denise Zhene (F) 22:01; 24. Andrea Myer (UC) 22:08; 25. Hannah Busi (H) 22:12. 



Team standings and key: Cochranton (Coch) 99; Hickory (H) 104; West Middlesex (WM) 112; Rocky Grove (RG) 129; Mercyhurst Prep (MP) 146; Fairview (F) 151; Lakeview (L) 173; Reynolds (R) 174; Wilmington (W) 176; Union City (UC) 228; Conneaut Area (CASH) 249; Commodore Perry (CP) 295; Sharpsville (Sv) 331; Jamestown (J) 392.

Individual results: 1. Troy Hart (R) 16:32; 2. Ethan Weber (F) 16:36; 3. Zach Buckner (F) 16:37; 4. Noah Bernarding (Coch) 16:43; 5. Cole Frazier (H) 16:56; 6. Michael Grecchany (F) 16:57; 7. Magnum Vincent (RG) 17:15; 8. Matthew Jordan (H) 17:28; 9. Tommy Hunyadi (H) 17:45; 10. Jeff Giannelli (MP) 17:50; 11. Franklin Morris (Coch) 17:52; 12. Drake Muir (WM) 17:54; 13. Felix Bush (MP) 17:55; 14. Colson Jenkins (L) 17:55. 15. Dale Nestor (W) 17:58; 16. Alex Jackson (Coch) 18:03; 17. Austin Dolan (UC) 18:06; 18. Giovanni Rococi (WM) 18:06; 19. Nick Varga (WM) 18:09; 20. Ethan Barrick (L) 18:13; 21. Zac Clayton (RG) 18:15; 22. Landon Myer (UC) 18:17; 23. Chase Miller (Coch) 18:19; 24. Derek Johnson (WM) 18:19; 25. Rowan Wieslogel (MP) 18:26.



Individual results: 1. Cecilia Wozniak (Wilmington) 24:47; 2. Abbey Black (Hickory) 25:07; 3. Amber Morse (Wilmington) 25:29; 4. Addison Coburn (Reynolds) 25:42; 5. Savanah Welch (Sharpsville) 26:12.

Note: No team scores listed on online results.



Individual results: 1. Jimmy Kalp (West Middlesex) 19:30; 2. Evan Wolfgong (Rocky Grove) 19:39; 3. Caleb Kimpan (West Middlesex) 19:56; 4. Cade Connors (West Middlesex) 19:59; 5. Jarrett Teasdale (West Middlesex) 20:00.

Note: No team scores listed on online results.


Junior High


Team standings: Fairview 32; Hickory 54; Sharpsville 88; Rocky Grove 111; Conneaut Area 124.

Individual results: 1. Karis McElhaney (Jamestown) 11:00; 2. Jocelyn Tatarko (Fairview) 11:05; 3. Olivia Digello (Fairview) 11:31; 4. Bella Snyder (Commodore Perry) 11:35; 5. Sarah Christy (Reynolds) 11:39.



Team standings: Fairview 61; Rocky Grove 79; Commodore Perry 93; Lakeview 104; Wilmington 124.

Individual results: 1. Tagg Walker (Wilmington) 10:08; 2. Kyler Woolstrum (Cochranton) 10:09; 3. Ethan Knapp (Rocky Grove) 10:11; 4. Logan Kent (West Middlesex) 10:20; 5. Johnathan Bissell (Sharpsville) 10:36.

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