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Brian Coenelious and John Schoen were one and two during the four-game December edition of the Reynolds Nine Pin No Tap Handicap Tournament, but when the final ball was thrown, it was Schoen who prevailed 1,112-1,088. Rich Tribley and Shawn Hoover tied for 3rd with 1,086 while Missy Furmanek finished 5th with 1,061.

Cornelious began the tournament by shooting a 300 and with his one pin handicap took the lead with 301. Schoen shot 252 but his 31 pin-per-game handicap gave him 283 and 2nd place. Tribley was 3rd with 275 (255+20) while Janette Boyd was 4th with 273 (232+41). Leroy Hagan was 5th with 271 (245+26).

Schoen’s 265 2nd game gave him the lead with 579. Cornelious shot 252 and was 2nd with 554. Tribley managed a 250 to remain 3rd with 545. Boyd dropped to 208 but remained 4th with 522.

However, Bob Leventry made a move. After a first game of 207, he shot a 278 and moved from 20th to 5th. Furmanek also made her move. In 19th place after one with a 224, she also shot a 278 and was 6th with 515.

The 3rd game produced no changes in the top three positions. Schoen shot 245 and remained 1st with 855. Cornelious had a 266 and stayed in 2nd place with 821. Tribley managed a 233 and was 3rd with 798.

But, a 300 game by Hoover catapulted him from 10th to 4th with 786. Furmanek moved into 5th with a 242 for 770.

With only 34 pins separating 1st and 2nd place, the final game proved very important. Schoen fell from 245 to 226 but held on to first place with 1,112. Cornelious shot another 266 but it wasn’t enough as he finished 2nd with 1,088. Tribley (268) and Hoover (another 300) tied for 3rd with 1,086 while Furmanek (278) finished 5th with 1061.

Other top finishers included: (6) Ed Lineberger (1026), (7) Tanya Dortin (1013), (8) Leventry (100), (9) Wes Uhrin (1000) and (10) Ted Long (994).

ä Let’s continue with team and individual highlights from Thornton Hall leagues.

In the St Johns SCRY league, high scratch game of 709 belongs to the Terminators. Team members include Dave Heidelbach, Joann Messett and Randy Grenier. Second high scratch game of 698 goes to Dumb and Dumber. Team members are Chuck Burns, Linda Sayers and Dottie Stonebreaker. Porky’s has the 3rd high scratch game of 681. Team members are Debbie Flipovich, Nick Flipovich and Barb Clay.

The Terminators have high scratch series with 1970 while Porky’s are second with 1916. Third high scratch series goes to Walk The Line with 1910. Team members are Don Homer, Peg Homer and Jim Kudelko.

The high handicap game of 740 goes to Dumb and Dumber. One who Flew Over the Cokoos Nest is 2nd with 730. Team members include Mike Dinger, Patrice Dinger, Connie Muna and Andrew Opperman. The Terminators are 3rd with 709.

Dumb and Dumber have the first high handicap series at 1999. Porky’s is 2nd with 1973 and the Terminators are 3rd with 1970.

Mike Dinger has men’s high scratch game with 267. Chuck Burns is 2nd with 259 and Rich Kovach is 3rd with 235.

Kovach and Jim Kudelko are tied for high scratch series with 613 while Chuck Burns is 3rd with 610.

Rosana Black has women’s high scratch game with 234. Helaine Ferringer and Debbie Flipovich are tied for 2nd with 198.

Black has high scratch series with 588. Joan Messett is 2nd with 535 and Ferringer is 3rd with 512.

ä In the Sharon Automotive League, Superior Heating has high team scratch series with 2,778. Team members are Fred Tonty, Ray Mariani, Donnie Tonty, Tom Ceacer, Adam Giglio and Evan Leary.

Yankee Lake Inn has high team handicap series with 3,278. Team members are Larry Gerdy, Paul VanOrd, Bones Hanrahan, George Rungs Jr., Ray Popovitch Sr. and Ted Zawistowski.

Yankee Lake Inn has the high team scratch game with 966 while Commercial Trucking and Trailer has high team handicap game at 1,115. Team members are Lon Schell, Carl Keck, Ray Popovitch Jr., Dale Schell, Bill McLaughlin, Jim Wilkinson and Ralph Fisher.

Craig Borawski has high individual scratch series with 718. Don Tonty is 2nd with 697 and Joe Scott is 3rd with 668.

Bill Johnson Jr. has high handicap individual series with 765. Doug Myers is 2nd with 760 and Tom Klouse is 3rd with 753.

Tonty has high scratch game at 270, Borawski is 2nd with 269 and Paul VanOrd is 3rd with 259. Myers has high handicap game with 307, Carl Keck III is 2nd with 302 and Lon Schell is 3rd with 294.

Gabe D’Angelo is a local bowler who writes this weekly column for The Herald

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