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Lynn Saternow

By Lynn Saternow

Herald Sports Editor

WHILE THE WEATHER hasn’t been too conducive to golf just yet this spring, women will have a chance to get a jump on the season this Wednesday.

That’s because Oak Tree Country Club is hosting a Ladies Golf Showcase from 4-8 p.m. in the ballroom at the club.

Pros Bob Collins and Denny Dolci will put on an instructional clinic and also provide free golf swing analysis. There will be a putting contest and other prizes as well as finger foods and a cash bar.

Participants don’t need to bring clubs, they will be provided. Admission is $10, which includes a certificate for a 9-hole round of golf. New equipment will also be on display from various vendors.

Oak Tree is in the process of installing new forward tees on 7 of the holes, making the course more manageable for ladies and seniors. “We realized that some of our longer holes are very difficult for the average woman or senior golfers,” said Collins. “We think the new front tees will offer an alternative for the shorter hitters and actually make their rounds more enjoyable.”

Reservations aren’t necessary for the Showcase, but would be appreciated, Collins said. Call 724-528-9984 to reserve a spot.

ä Call me old-fashioned, but I think it was a disgrace that our national pastime opened the season with two games in Japan.

I don’t care if the Major Leagues are trying for a wider market and I don’t care if there are a lot of Japanese players in the majors.

Abner Doubleday must have been rolling over in his grave. The season should ALWAYS open in the United States.

ä That said, here we go again with home openers in the frosty north. The Cleveland Indians open at 3:05 p.m. Monday at home to the Chicago White Sox. Does anybody remember the snow debacle last year in Cleveland?

At least Pittsburgh opens in Atlanta where the weather is bound to be warmer.

This should be an exciting year for the Indians who expect to be in the hunt again for the World Series. That collapse at the end of last season can’t sit well with the team.

Still, almost everyone is jumping on the Detroit bandwagon, and picking them to win it all. No way.

Cleveland will again win the Central Division title and just maybe will win the World Series.

Then there’s Pittsburgh. Is there really anybody out there that doesn’t think they are headed for a 16th straight losing season?

It has become one of the saddest stories in professional sports. But if people keep going to the games and the owners make money, they won’t spend any more on the team. It’s a bad situation.

The fans tried an organized walkout at a game before to protest the way the owners refuse to make the team better. Only an organized, long-term boycott might have an effect. Of course then they’ll threaten to move the team.

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