Browns Football

Cleveland Browns' quarterback Baker Mayfield throws a pass during practice at the team's training camp facility in Berea.

The expectations are running high for Cleveland Browns fans this season, but will those expectations turn into something special?

You can bet on it if you are a believer!

According to the odds-makers at, the Browns are actually favored above to Steelers when it comes for a chance to make the playoffs and the chance to win the Super Bowl.

The odds of the Browns winning the big game are 24 to 1, while the Steelers are 30 to 1.

For the non-bettors, that means if you bet $1 on the Browns you would win $24 if they reach the playoffs. Similarly for the Steelers where $1 would turn into $30.

Shocker alert: The Patriots are the top pick to win The Show at 9 to 1, followed by the Chiefs and Rams at 11 to 1.

Feeling lucky (or insane), you can bet a buck on Miami and win $199 if they take the Lombardi Trophy.

Cleveland is actually favored to reach the playoffs. Odds are 5 to 6 (put up $6 to win $5), while Pittsburgh is even.

How about that fans? The Browns are expected to do better than Pittsburgh.

But remember this, odds are determined by who wants to bet which way. The Browns are a popular choice so it means more people will bet on them.

Warning: Betting with your heart instead of your head can be dangerous.

While my heart is with Cleveland, my head says: “Let’s wait and see what happens. The Browns have let us down before.”

Of course, Baker Mayfield is the reason people are high on the Browns. In fact, he is rated No. 4 in the MVP odds behind Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers.

Quarterbacks are almost always the MVP, that’s why they make the big bucks. In fact, the top 14 favorites to win MVP are QBs before Saquon Barkley sneaks in at No. 15.

Ben Roethlisberger is tied with Matt Ryan at No. 13 on that list. Meaning not much is expected of the Steelers.

But one betting choice that Steelers fans should enjoy is that in a one-on-one showdown, JuJu Smith-Schuster is favored to catch more passes than Antonio Brown.

While the odds in many areas don’t favor the Steelers, one question I would have would be the odds of Mike Tomlin being with the Steelers much longer. He has fallen in disfavor with many fans that I know and he was only given a one-year contract extension, instead of a long term deal.

• What happened to the Pirates? At the All-Star break, the Buccos were in the hunt for the division title. Then came a horrendous collapse. It is pretty clear that this team is going nowhere, so you have to wonder if some players will be traded away soon.

Meanwhile, the Indians are surging. However, their schedule will get tougher in the near future, which will show what they truly have. I like their odds of making the playoffs however and then with their pitching – some stars coming back from injury – they could make a run at the Series. 

LYNN SATERNOW is sports editor of The Herald and The Allied News. He can be reached at