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Chase Vassen won the October edition of the Reynolds Lanes TOC with a score of 1053. Jesse Koewacich was 2nd with 1042, while Rick Busch finished 3rd with 1022. Mike Lindus was 4th with 1019, while Henry Jackson was 5th 1012. Eric Mansfield took the last money spot with a 1002. All but Mansfield qualified for the TOC final event.

It was a rather strange setting for a TOC event as four of the top five finishers were scratch or near scratch bowlers. Vassen and Jesse Koewacich were bowling scratch, while Bush received 8 pins and Jackson one.

George Moss was the 1st game leader with a 244 scratch game. His 26 ppg. handicap gave him 270. Charlie Knott was 2nd with a 254/265. Jesse Koewacich was 3rd with 264,while Al Emmerich and Mike Lindus tied for 4th with 257. Emmerich shot 218, but his 39 ppg. handicap gave him 257, while Lindus shot 240 with a 17 ppg. handicap for 257. Donny Koewacich was 5th with 256.

Knott followed up his 1st game (254) with a 277 and jumped into the lead with 553. Lindus went from 240 to 266 and moved into 2nd place with 540. Moss suffered a small letdown, going from 244 to 222 and dropped to 3rd with 518. Mansfield made the biggest jump. In 21st place after the 1st game (182/202), he shot 278 and made the move into 4th with 504. Jesse Koewacich went from 264 to 236 and was 5th with 500.

Third game results saw Jesse Koewacich rebound from his 236 game by shooting a 298 and he took the lead with 798. Lindus shot 233 and remained 2nd with 790. Mansfield shot 243, but moved up a notch to 3rd with 771. Vassen shot 300 and settled in 4th place with 768. Knott dropped by 90 pins (277-187) and was 5th with 751.

In the final game, Vassen managed a 285 to take the top spot with 1053. Jesse Koewacich shot 244 to finish 2nd with 1044. Bush who shot 290 the 3rd game managed a 266 in the final game and took 3rd with 1022. Lindus shot 212 for 4th with 1019 while Jackson, who was consistent throughout the event (252, 235, and 244) and a final game of 277, finished 5th with 1012. Mansfield couldn’t match his 243 3rd game, falling to 207 for a final total of 1002 and 6th place with 1002.

Handicap jackpots went to Moss (270, 292), Mansfield (302), and Vassen (300).Scratch jackpots were won by Jesse Koewacich (264), Mansfield (278), and Vassen (300, 285).

Prize money was as follows: (1st-$150), (2nd-$115), (3rd-$80), (4th-$60), (5th-$40), and (6th-$30)

The next TOC 9 Pin No Tap will be held on Nov 8.

• The best technical bowling magazine still remains Bowling This Month. Unfortunately, it has gone the way of many publications and is only available via the internet. One of its new additions is called “Quick Tip Tuesday’s” which does exactly what it is designed to do – give some quick tips to help bowler’s with problems.

The tips provide excellent fill-in material when there isn’t enough space to start a complete article. With that in mind, let’s complete this article by providing some of those tips. Please remember we have or will cover these tips in detail.

• There are four variables for understanding oil patterns: Pattern length will usually affect the section of the lane being played and, when merged with oil volume, will have an effect on the type of shell you will probably want to utilize. Longer patterns are more likely to be played further to the inside, while shorter patterns have a penchant to be played nearer the gutter.

Higher oil volume conditions will usually necessitate more powerful, earlier rollinge quipment. Lower volume patterns will normally be better played by using a weaker ball that will generate additional length.

Side-to-side ratio relates to the dispersal of oil in the middle of the lane as opposed to the outside part of the lane. Lower ratio patterns (ex 2:1) usually are lower scoring than higher ratios (ex 10-1). It might be well to note that the lower the ratio, the more vital lane surface and topography come into play when making decisions on how to attack the lanes.

Lengthwise taper refers to the spreading of oil from the beginning of the pattern to the conclusion of the pattern. This is very similar to patterns with side-to side ratio. Patterns with a lesser amount of lengthwise taper are inclined to lower scoring than those with more lengthwise taper.

GABE D’ANGELO is a member of the Mercer County Bowling Hall of Fame and Professional Bowlers Writers Association who writes this weekly column for The Herald. He can be reached at