As a resident of Farrell, I am saddened at the Sharon Herald’s negative statements regarding elected officials in Farrell. The condemnation of Farrell and our leadership in the paper on Nov. 1 is very disheartening. The history of black women being the political muscle of elections all over the country to work the polls, save elections by turning out to vote, and standing in long lines is tarnished by the Our View article. (“Do your job, Mayor Doss, and let us do ours,” Opinion Page, Nov. 1)

My greatest concern that the comments attributed to the current mayor, Kim Doss, were not the mayor’s, they were mine, Mrs. Diane Foxworth-Samuels. This is misinformation or fake news. My charges against The Herald are a reflection of the misrepresentation and bias that has historically been a part of the way Farrell is portrayed in the media. Why does The Herald always compare the two mayors? Comparison breeds competition. We are stronger when we do not compete, but when we cooperate.

The current mayor and the former mayor represent two different generations, perspectives, and constituent bases. It is not for The Herald to choose our leaders but for us to respect the election of the people.

The system and the people who have facilitated all the development in Hermitage and only small buildings and demolition in Farrell are the same system and people that think they choose our leaders. We should be supporting our leadership. If city council is a war zone, how many people are making it a war zone? It takes two or more to fight. We have to ask ourselves who ultimately benefits from the war?

We must remember that “if it bleeds, it leads” and sells papers. Let us, those who love Farrell, pull together and select and support our own leaders and honor the current Mayor Doss. She continues to do her research and inform residents of opportunities. I support her because she continues to reach members of the community not involved in city government. We have let others break us up. Now it is time for us to make up.

Governing and accountability is for us to do, not The Herald.

Diane Foxworth-Samuels


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Our View editorial, “Do your job, Mayor Doss, and let us do ours,” did not quote Mayor Doss, or attribute specific comments to her.

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