Valley Voices April 2021

Machines In Motion

Nicolaus Otto. Henry Ford. The Wright brothers. Champions in early locomotion, these historical figures make up only a small sampling of the many inventors and lifelong businesspeople throughout history who spent their lives working toward paving the way for the locomotive industry as we know it today. 

From automobiles to airplanes, sailboats to trains, this month we explore various “Machines in Motion” and their significance to the region. History and the present combine to showcase the impact that vehicles have on our day-to-day lives. Take for example Youngstown, Ohio native Katie Marsh, whose career as an airline pilot not only tasks her with the duty of safely transporting travelers from one place to another, but also affords her the opportunity to explore new destinations all across the globe. Or, consider youth from western Pennsylvania who join together each summer to try the sport of Soap Box Derby racing. Perhaps not quite as mechanical as an automobile, I’d imagine the feeling of zooming down a paved hill with the wind against your skin is just as thrilling as revving a juiced-up engine on any sports car. Or perhaps vehicles are the center of a hobby or interest that has brought you closer to family or friends, similar to members of Pulaski-based Penn Ohio Radio Kontrol Society. Established in the 1960s, this club of radio-controlled flyers has not only celebrated generations of RC enthusiasts, but has also taught newcomers the hobby. 

This month, whether you drive your car to the grocery store or book your next flight for a summer getaway, enjoy water tubing from the back of a boat or hear the whistle of a train heading down the railroad, consider how the world of locomotion impacts our lives day in and day out. 

Wishing you a refreshing spring, 


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