Valley Voices – February 2020

Body Balance

The well-known idiom, it’s a balancing act, is a true expresser for keeping up with life’s priorities. From work to play, professional to personal duties, the balancing act between it all can make even the most uncoordinated seem like a skilled juggler  — metaphorically, that is. But as speed increases, dropping a ball is nearly inevitable. For many (myself included) it seems the easiest ball to drop carries our own personal needs — our wellness. 

As the cold chill sets in and New Year’s resolutions dissipate into mere thoughts, it’s up to us to change the narrative of the winter blues. February honors many holidays and observances in its 29 (Happy Leap Year!) days this year, such as African American History Month, American Heart Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, Wise Health Care Consumer Month and Valentine’s Day, so it is seemingly fitting to focus on personal health goals this month through “Body Balance.” 

As you flip through the pages of our annual health and wellness issue, read about a small sampling of the region’s medical professionals who have vowed to keep health in the forefront and help all of us achieve our best senses of self. Plus, find inspiration through those who have made positive changes to their own lifestyles to lead them to live their most fulfilling lives. 

Whether you treat yourself to a much needed massage, or finally reschedule that appointment you have been putting off or you attempt a new healthy recipe, remember to continue looking forward on that balance beam. 

And when the peculiarly warm winter days sneak in, get out and enjoy! From the walking trails at beautiful Buhl and Mill Creek parks to exploring Pymatuning or Shenango River lakes, biking Trout Island Trail or LindenPointe, or exercising at one of the many locally-owned fitness centers, our region is full of unique places to get out and move. 

As you enjoy this month’s issue, we welcome you to join us as we move toward our healthiest and happiest year in 2020! 


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