Valley Voices – May 2020

Home Really Is Where the Heart Is

Last fall when our team planned this month’s theme to be “home,” we had quite the vision. We thought of spring cleaning, landscaping and interior design. We thought of gardens and light fixtures, DIY projects and renovations. We thought of the cold winter weather turning into warm, sunny days and May flowers birthed from April showers.

Then life changed, and it changed in a way that has made global impact.

Like most everyone, the current events have left me with a lot of time to think –– about lifestyles, about community, about humanity.

Though it’s natural to feel a sense of uncertainty, I have noticed that there is something particularly interesting that has come from our current times –– we are slowing down, embracing each day and appreciating all that is around us.

I have been more mindful to pick up the phone and call those who I love to check in or simply say hi. I’ve gotten more adventurous in the kitchen. I’ve revamped my closet and filled my donation bin with items that can help others in need. I have also thought about each of our loyal readers.

Our team has spent a lot of time talking about our readership and our advertisers,  many of whom are working the front lines to protect our communities, to serve our neighbors and to be good stewards. Our goal each month is to highlight the communities that make up our region, which include those who live here, who work here, who operate businesses here and who raise their families here.

So, this month, Valley Voices put together an issue to fulfill our mission to uplift, to inspire and to share the faces and places that make our hometowns unique. We set out to complete our goal of sharing tips and stories that bring value to our home. But, what this time has also allowed us to do is dive deeper into what ‘home’ really means –– beyond window treatments and potted plants, rugs or garage doors (though we value all of those aspects, too). As you flip through the pages of this issue, help us celebrate and support those who work in all industries of the home, but also think about how home has taken on a different meaning for all of us –– now perhaps also the work office, the fitness center or the classroom.

What I have learned is that home really is where the heart is. It is where we are supported by our families, our friends, our coworkers and the strangers who pay it forward. It is where people come together, no matter what, to help those in need. It is where we feel safe and we feel comfortable. It is where we realize that our towns, our counties and this region is home.

Stay well, stay positive, stay home.


In health,


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