Valley Voices – January 2020

Celebrating New Beginnings

Forethought. Mindfulness. Reflection. What powerful practices to incorporate in our day-to-day to make the most of our tenses of life by embracing past, present and future. 

Reflection. During every birthday celebration in the Valley Voices office, I encourage each coworker to share her or his ‘rose, thorn and bud’ for the year. The birthday gal or guy then shares their rose — the highlight, success or positive memory from the year; thorn — challenge; and bud — new opportunities, ideas or goals that she or he is most excited for in the new year. The rose, thorn and bud offer a few minutes to look back on the year and then look to the uncapped potential upcoming. 

For some, reflection comes easy while for others, recounting the past 365 days seems nearly impossible. So, how about when we consider an entire decade of reflection? As we enter 2020, let us cogitate the roses and thorns that shaped us personally and professionally during the last 10 years. 

Mindfulness. It allows us to consider our being in the here and now — to focus on our feelings and thoughts in the present moment. May we practice conscious presence today and every day this year, for clarity, for focus, for achieving our goals. 

And lastly, forethought. As we welcome 2020, let us also embrace the opportunities to celebrate new beginnings. Perhaps you will face a new project, new position or a new career professionally. Or personally, whether marriage, a new home, additions to the family or celebrating accomplishments or overcoming obstacles, may this year and decade bring you the new beginnings for which you’ve wished. 

In this issue, Valley Voices celebrates those very new beginnings that we look forward to each January. As you read the real stories of local individuals celebrating in all walks of life, I hope you find motivation and inspiration for your newest journeys in 2020. 

And this month, I invite you to think of the bud that you most look forward to blossoming. Maybe this decade will celebrate some of your biggest accomplishments yet! 

Wishing you a year of new beginnings,


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